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The Wales on Sunday article is not online yet, but it reveals how it undertook the poll it phoned 125 people in four regions of Wales but where it phoned is a matter of concern. It seems to Nike Jackets Black

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The regional breakdown included the South East, which consisted of polling in Cwmbrn, Monmouth, Chepstow, Newport and Cardiff. The first four can hardly be described as representative of the Valleys, can they?

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A third of Welsh voters want independence, according to a Wales on Sunday opinion poll out today.

However the politicians try Nike Men Tracksuits

If anything, the poll understates the support for independence. In a nutshell, it's a crap poll.

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A third want Welsh independence

Only 49% Nike Windrunner Cheap

The North Wales sample is equally skewed towards the Anglicised coastal resorts and, no, Bangor is not a nationalist stronghold. Doh!

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For example, the poll managed NOT to poll anyone in the Valleys. where more than a third of the Welsh population lives and which has the highest level of Welsh born and Welsh identifying people.

to spin this, it's a stunning result and sets the scene to make the May elections very significant. Independence has been the great unspoken in Welsh politics Plaid has declared it a long term aim but shied away from making constitutional issues a priority because it judges other policies to be more attractive.

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I hate to say this because it's favourable to the pro independentistas 32% want independence and only 49% want to maintain the Union!

But the poll is not statistically weighted and is scientifically unbalanced. Polling just 500 people is not a large enough sample, although in fairness it's the same amount as the BBC Newsnight poll sampled in Wales to find that 20% back independence. There have been questions asked, as previous posters have mentioned, about the skewed nature of the question but that in itself was a significant proportion of voters.

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The paper does not say where it polled in Mid Wales.

wanted to keep the Union with Nike Blue Crop Top the rest undecided.

have chosen areas that can only be described as more Anglicised and part of what Dennis Balsom would call "British Wales".

Likewise the South West meant phoning 125 people in Cardigan, Milford Haven, Tenby and Haverfordwest. Why not Llanelli, Swansea, Ammanford or Carmarthen?

Perhaps now the leadership will have to re think and start to incorporate a vision of self government and growing confidence into its manifesto. About time too!

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Despite this bias and the spin put on the poll by the paper: "Welsh back Union" this flawed poll still provides clear evidence of a growing support for Welsh independence.

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