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resu_nimda 48 days ago link

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Nike Blue Hoodie

I doubt there would be suddenly tens of thousands of additional drivers more after the WC final on Sundary in Germany to drive all the people home from the bars and public viewing locations, when more than 80% of the population is watching the game. (as far as I know, surge prices usually last a very short time)

(the number of drivers increase with the surge pricing)

Nike Blue Hoodie

Nike Blue Hoodie

Well, that already sucks enought, when it late in the night and you want to get home. Might as well wait until I can get public transport in the morning.

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alwaysdoit 48 days ago link

Nike Blue Hoodie

Nike Blue Hoodie

He never said there would magically be enough drivers to cover all the demand all Nike Jackets On Sale

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ryanross 46 days ago link

I know they get information about the surges (and I think alerts as well), but I not sure about the specifics. .

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the time. Nobody is claiming Uber to be a magic bullet that solves Nike Hoodie Black

workdays around it. I don know if it works for one off events like the WC but it definitely increases supply during evenings and late nights.

all transportation problems. It amazing, the sort of expectations people develop. All of this outrage reeks of entitlement.

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