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The rule isn't absolute. Le Sueur and Sibley counties both have a smaller proportion of younger residents but both also saw a rise in the number of abortions.

Gustavus offers health insurance, but it only covers costs associated with having a baby, not having an abortion. That's not a value statement, Peters says, just a policy of their insurance provider.

While there's no sure way to tell why that's the case, Blue Earth County community health supervisor Cathy Sandmann points to the high number of young adults attending local colleges and universities.

As co directors of the Mankato Birthright office, Grace Schreyer and Sally Maschke are familiar with the topic of unintended pregnancy. They're quick to point out, however, that they're about helping a woman give birth abortion isn't in the discussion.

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973.

Indeed, Sandmann says it's gotten tougher to find abortion providers. That could contribute to this area's rates because it is within 90 minutes of the nearest provider in the Twin Cities.

And she thinks there are more women than usual visiting their Mankato Place office downtown, but that could be because it moved about a year ago to its more visible location.

Minnesota women had 3 percent fewer abortions in 2005 than they did the year before, but the numbers in the south central region don't reflect that trend they buck it.

Other schools don't have health departments or have sent their employees home for the summer.

Nicollet County comes in fifth place, at about 16 percent, and saw abortions rise from 40 in 2004 to 60 last year.

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

Abortion rights advocates and abortion opponents alike lauded the state's report that fewer women are having abortions. It's still not crystal clear why or, in the long term, if south central Minnesota Nike Mens Tracksuits

upswing in the tendency of women to suggest abortion.

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Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

Sandmann, who worked at Mankato's Planned Parenthood office for six years, says abortion providers are tougher to find because the newest generation of doctors are concerned about liability and community acceptance. But the older doctors remember the illegal, sometimes dangerous abortions before the landmark Roe Nike Jackets Red And White

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

´╗┐Abortion rises in region

Sandmann says women between 18 and 24 years old are most likely to get abortions. According to the state's report, about 44 percent of women who Nike Blue Hoodie Mens received abortions in Minnesota were in that age group. Census data, which show that about 22 percent of Blue Earth County's residents are between 18 and 24. That's the highest number in the state, and more than double the average of 9.6 percent.

At Gustavus Adolphus College, director of health services Myrna Peters says the focus is on preventive birth control or abstinence. But students with unintended pregnancies are counseled with all of their options, including abortion, she says.

is any different, but Schreyer's experience may give pause to both sides of the debate.

Nike Blue Hoodie Mens

But, says Schreyer, they do notice when women tend to bring up abortion as one of their choices. That attitude tends to cycle, and she says there's been an Nike Red Pullover Hoodie

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