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"We've sent out the initial invites to the VIPs and the people who have a vested interest political parties, local government and so on," Sharon says.

unveiled on the night of the beer fest. It's a new world for the old buildings but more unusual events could soon be on the way.

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

supported in that area, but we want people from different groups to be represented. Everybody has a view on how the country ought to be run, and we want as wide a cross section as possible.

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

"We're looking outside of our comfort zone, if you like, and considering challenges we hadn't previously considered," Sharon says. "It's challenging but it gives us an experience of these events."

A new ghost tour will also be Nike Sports Jacket Womens

"They've done the initial recce with our general manager," Sharon says. "They're happy, and there's Nike Crew Neck Fleece sort of a minimum number they need in the audience."

When the Galleries of Justice's Sharon Richardson sent the Question Time team an invitation, they seemed impressed that it was the 20th anniversary of the charity that forms the basis of the Galleries. But she reckons it's the space itself that's most impressive.

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"I think the fact that it's a courtroom is pretty rare," she says. "They sent out sort of a search party and looked at us on the web, and said yes, great, we'd love to come and broadcast from there.

One of those will happen the weekend before Question Time when the Galleries hosts the Law . And Order More Beer Festival.

It's part of a push to attract more unique events.

"Hopefully we'll be Nike Jackets Hoodie

"It will be a unique event, and that's what we're looking for."

It will all be hectic and crowded on the night the Galleries of Justice needs to be able to provide a green room, production room, areas Tracksuit Nike Men

The Galleries' first beer festival will be held in the Edwardian police station, the area that is kitted out as a Victorian reform school, and the main foyer.

For the event, the courtroom will be able to seat about 200 spectators. They want to fill it with a selection that looks like all of Nottingham.

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

"Again, it's opening up and using an area that's not normally open to the public," Sharon says of the old police station. "It will lend itself very well to this event."

for recording equipment etc. Lucky then that a historic court and gaol tends to be a big, labyrinthine place.

A question of court

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

Nike Crew Neck Fleece

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