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Another place that really enthused me was Monastery. I don't know how many Newfoundlanders have ever turned off the big Highway 104, a short drive from the Canso Causeway, to have a look at that place. I drove past many times over the course of the years, always too much in a hurry to turn off and look, even thought I had been told 30 or more years ago that there were monks in Monastery who made cheese and sold it. This time I finally Nike Windrunner Women Black

cubby hole, barely as large as the kitchen in my home, very much out of the way strange that such a modern looking building has obscure little corridors behind several doors! And the German consul is not even a German, but is in fact a Canadian who studied history in Germany. His German is so good, even with colloquial expressions and a mild regional dialect, that I believed at first that he was German and wondered how he came by his very Anglo Saxon name.

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It isn't just Prime Minister Harper and Premier Dunderdale who inflict cutbacks in services on Newfoundland. The German government also decided that Newfoundland does not need German consular services.

A trip to the mainland

The place turned out to be an astonishingly imposing huge brick complex and I am sure that the brick walls are solid, not just facing over chipboard. The main building is four storeys high. A man who worked in a vegetable garden there was very friendly. He said that, yes, years ago the complex was occupied by monks who operated a big farm and were self sufficient in food and did in fact sell cheese. But that was years ago. The huge complex, which looks as though it contains at least 50 bedrooms, is now occupied by nuns exactly four of them. The nuns are friendly, said the man, and they like visitors, but not during prayer times, and there are at least six lengthy ones of these in every one of their days.

I had orders from my wife to buy chicken feed on the way back from Halifax. Moira and I spent more than an hour in heavy traffic in the city of Sydney, looking for the Co op store that supposedly carried Chicken feed. It did not. In the parking lot of a shopping mall I asked a gentleman who was perhaps not altogether sober any more whether he knew where I could buy chicken feed. He looked at me with much compassion and asked:

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Nike Dri Fit Hoodie Blue

drove to Monastery, to make the trip more interesting for Moira.

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Yet I don't know just how many have actually been on Water Street in Halifax. Those who have will probably agree with me that downtown Halifax is extraordinarily interesting and attractive, with so many old stone buildings being kept in good condition and use, with a plenitude of flowers and flowering shrubs, and with numerous restaurants that have tables and chairs on outside patios.

So it seemed to be worthwhile to travel to the German consulate in Halifax, which I expected to be very fancy, very efficient, very German. It is none of these things, as it turned out. It is located in a quite impressive glass and concrete office tower, but is in fact a little Nike Joggers Suit Womens

It turned out that they did not understand spoken English.

He has a wonderful professorial air about him. He loves history, he has a beard, and he writes with an ancient ink fountain pen whose nib appeared to be actually gold. There was some perplexity at first, because his secretary, who is English and does not know any German, had give him the wrong file, and he and the secretary assumed that Moira and I were individuals which we were not.

And, yes, when boarding the ferry, Moira and I were crowded into an elevator, and I said, fairly loud, "just like in China", meaning simply that there were so many people. Then I realised that two men who looked Chinese stood behind me. Of course, I apologised to them afterward. I talked for 20 minutes about how sorry I was and that I had not meant any harm, but they just stared at me grimly.

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What impressed me most was to see something done of which I had said for a long time that it ought to be done. In the case of St. John's I argued that the new office towers should retain the facades of the old houses that had stood there, so that an attractive street Nike Dri Fit Hoodie Blue picture is preserved and people don't feel dwarfed and intimidated by cold concrete/steel/glass towers. Exactly that sort of thing is done in Halifax, at least along Water Street. Of course, those office towers rise many floors above the old store fronts, but you really have to look up to see that, and there are many aspects of downtown Halifax that really seem European and picturesque.

Yet it all got straightened out. The Consul and his secretary turned out to be very nice.

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looked up at the gas station where we searched the map, we would have seen the sign of the lane that we were looking for right across the street.

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Because I was afraid of Halifax downtown traffic, I left my car at some park where there was a large parking area which was occupied by only a few vehicles. Moira and I walked for a good hour, along the harbour front, until we reached the address of the German consulate at Upper Water Street. On the way to Halifax, I had been wondering what I could write about the trip that would be interesting to readers, since just about every Newfoundlander had travelled to and through Nova Scotia.

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Moira is Canadian born and of course a Canadian citizen. But she can also claim through me German citizenship. She wants to go to Italy next summer and teach English there. As a Canadian, she would need some sort of visa and work permit to do that. As a German citizen, she can simply go and work in Italy, since both nations are members of the European Union.

For the rest, we visited Moira's uncle who recently bought a new home South of Halifax. The house is at a short lane which is not shown on the maps as yet. Moira and I stopped at a gas station and puzzled over a map of city streets and of course could not find that particular lane, and then drove on for two more hours to search for the address. Eventually, after a lot of asking, we discovered that if we had Nike Windrunner Black And Gold

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Nike Dri Fit Hoodie Blue

I wonder how many Newfoundlanders have ever decided not to take the most direct route along the length of Cape Breton, between North Sydney and the Canso Causeway, but to take instead Route 4 on the Eastern side of the Bras d'Or Lake. It is for the most part a good but winding road amidst marvellous scenery. We really enjoyed it.

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