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will use their vote to block another party from winning. No less than 36 per cent of voters are using that strategy.

For P the values charter is the number one issue (25 per cent), followed by support for a referendum.

Despite the best efforts by Premier Pauline Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens Marois and the Parti Qu to downplay their separatist orientation, a new poll confirms that the possibility of a third referendum on independence has become the number one ballot question of the April 7 election.

24 per cent of Quebecers say the main reason they'll be casting their ballots would be either to stop a third sovereignty referendum (18 per cent), or to support the idea of one (6 per cent).

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After the referendum, the number two issue for Liberals is the economy (22 per cent), and to stop the charter from passing Nike Tracksuit Red And White

Further down the list, the economy is number two among all voters (13 per cent), followed by the charter of values (7 per cent to support, 5 to oppose), and integrity.

a third referendum driving Quebecers to vote

And finally, Ipsos Reid says just 56 per cent of Quebecers will actually be voting for the party they like the best, while 23 per cent Nike Jacket Gray

cent disagreed. Liberal supporters are far more likely to agree with that statement (83 per cent) than PQ supporters (19 per cent).

39 per cent of those polled say they'll be voting Liberal to stop a referendum, while 19 per cent of P are voting because they want one.

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The survey also sized up the two main parties' principal liabilities. For Liberal leader Philippe Couillard, it would be his prior association with former premier Jean Charest's government (59 per cent), while the biggest albatross around Marois' neck is the arrival of the fist pumping Pierre Karl P as a candidate.

Quebecers are almost evenly split on whether they believe a PQ government would hold another referendum. 54 per cent say they would in their next mandate, no matter what, while 46 per Nike Jackets For Women Hoodie

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

(10 per cent).

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Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

The poll was conducted for CTV by Ipsos Reid the second portion of its poll on voter intentions released on Wednesday which gave the Liberals a significant lead over the PQ.

CAQ supporters are primarily interested in lower taxes.

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Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

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