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Another resident of Dulwich Road, Pam Varcianna, said the area used to be harder to live in when the former Nottingham Arms pub was open.

had happened."

A WITNESS has told how he heard gunfire and saw two men in balaclavas fleeing the scene of a shooting in Radford

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Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve Womens

Police sources reveal intelligence received indicated the men were planning to burglarize a small establishment near the Hewannorra Airport. A task force from Castries followed the men to Vieux Fort, waited Nike Pullover For Men

"I try and keep these streets safe as much as I can, everyone is good round here."

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"Our enquiries are continuing to identify those responsible for causing this Nike Womens Sweatshirt No Hood

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Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve Womens

it shows how little respect these fools have that they would be doing this while people are grieving nearby,come on police and community unite and get rid of these wannabee gangsters

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There was an exchange of gunfire. The men attempted to flee aboard a private vehicle.

The event had been announced on Facebook as a "street party in memory of the beautiful Jade Thomas".

for the incident to take place and then intervened.

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Jade, a teacher, died of meningitis two years ago.

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois went to the scene in Vieux Fort.

Her aunt, Jenny Williams, said: "Members of the family have been deeply upset by this. "That street party had nothing to do with the family. We were holding our own quiet gathering inside a house at the time this party was taking place.

She said: "We did get more hassle when the pub was open. "They put a camera up when the pub was open, but took it down when it closed. If they'd left it up there it would have captured what Nike Coat Blue

Head of crime for the city division, Superintendent Brian Beasley, said: "The first thing to make clear is that this was not a random attack, and that there is nothing that the public of Nottingham should have to fear.

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Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve Womens

man's injuries."

"We feel it is shameful that something like this Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve Womens has happened."

The shooting took place within yards of a street party in Brixton Road.

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Mr Brown, who teaches youngsters to box at Majestic Boxing Academy in Derby Road, said: "I have lived here for 20 years and was one of the first to move in; we don't see much trouble.

The STAR has confirmed four men are dead and one is in critical condition following an early morning police shooting in Vieux Fort today.

Dead is 35 year old JnBaptiste MacFarlane alias Epic of La Clery. The STAR has been unable to confirm the identities of the three other deceased individuals.

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