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ongoing investment in public transport including new tram lines with a Park Ride site just off the A52 at Bardill Island will continue to give people other options for travel and free up road space. We are also carrying out significant improvements to the ring road which aim to improve traffic flow. Do you travel along the A52 Brian Clough Way? What do you think? Leave us a comment below.

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Nike Dri Fit Tracksuit Mens

Nike Dri Fit Tracksuit Mens

Nike Dri Fit Tracksuit Mens

David Thornhill, chairman of the Nottinghamshire Campaign for Better Transport, said: am surprised that this road has been given the top spot because I think that other roads in the country deserve that title. I think that any congestion currently is due to traffic being displaced on to the A52 from elsewhere where infrastructure is taking place.

Completely agree. Make the road between Priory and QMC Nike Jacket Women's Windrunner

To be fair it is dire. The 3 Nike Black Jackets

The data, published on March 13, put Brian Clough Way in the top spot of the ten worst roads in England, ahead of the A61 from Barnsley to the M1, the A404 from Maidenhead to M4 and the A63 South of Hull.

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A52 Brian Clough Way named worst road in England for delays

is quite shocking to find out it is the worst though.

Michael Bates, 69, a retired coach driver, of Gedling, said: is rubbish, timetables go out of the window [on that road] and people complain. I think the worse delay I have experienced on Brian Clough Way is about two hours. But Norma Mardell, a senior health centre manager, of Sherwood, said she didn think the road was that bad.

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mile section can take upwards of 30 minutes Tues Thurs. I have commuted this section for 10 years and since the tram works (which will benefit very the vast minority!) it has been horrendous. When the tram works are complete, let's se how many will travel out of their way, and pay more to park and ride than they would if they'd remained in their cars. Big expensive white elephant that 40,000 motorist a day have had to suffer for three years. If you want to alleviate the congestion, make the tram free for Nottingam residents?

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The statistics which were collected over the last year relate specifically to the section between the Queen Medical Centre and Priory Islands, where delays are the worst.

Yes you are in the company of one the most incompetent and stupid traffic management team in the country!!!! It is so annoying because it is easy to make it a lot better but there appears to be a lack of intellect or guts to do the right thing by the people responsible

a variable flow lane in the middle like Birmingham has on the A38. You can easily fit another lane there and make it 2 lanes going in to Notts in AM rush hour and 2 lanes going out PM rush hour. Also remove the traffic lights from the roundabout and also a lot of the traffic lights on the A52 as they're not needed. And also remove the bus lane which is hardly ever used. Also try to use your brains and not do tram works and A453 AT THE SAME TIME.

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lots of high quality alternatives rather than getting stuck in your car such as the train service which runs more or less parallel. Councillor Jane Urquhart, portfolio holder for transport at Nottingham City Council said: I find it surprising that part of the A52 emerges as the worst for congestion in the whole country, we nonetheless take tackling congestion really seriously in Nottingham and are having greater success than most in doing so.

Ms Mardell said: think the road is ok; there has not been many delays when I have been on it. I have heard that it can get quite bad though. According to the Highways Agency around 40,000 vehicles travel along Brian Clough Way on a daily basis.

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Statistics revealed by the Department of Transport found that more than 60 per cent of drivers travelling along the A52 Brian Clough Way had experienced some sort of delay.

Linda Clarke, 51, of Beeston said: husband drives along that road. It is always quite busy, especially in the morning and sometimes he is late to work Nike Dri Fit Tracksuit Mens because of it. It Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

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