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using the try Nike Girl Sweatshirts paradigm if you don't also intend to handle the expected failure.

by having a dedicated language syntax, which is no doubt

better reasoning, but the only purpose I can see for an empty try block is to limit the scope of variables in a method. There's no point in Nike Jackets Brown

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If you just want to limit the scope you can just enclose your code in braces without the try. A try without the catch or finally is meaningless.

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felipemnoa 1083 days ago link

try statements to have an empty finally clause.

the Groovy developersProbably just one of them.

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What benefits does an empty try block give you? You can always use braces to separate a block without try at all.

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ddlatham 1084 days ago link

And Scala and C also have a better closure syntax than that language, and are more worthy to be copied by Java 8. Of course, Groovy also differentiates itself from Guava

Perhaps you can educate me on your Nike Tracksuits Ladies

working by suddenly requiring all

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a JVM language out there that initially allowed try

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why the cartel don't want to standardize it. If it was

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standardized, they couldn't make some random blogger's

What benefits does an empty try block give you?An empty try block allows us to repeat variable declarations with the same name in a long stretch of scripty style code.

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