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Timmy (to Bobby Ott): I think there must be something wrong with me. I just don't understand Christmas, I guess. I might be getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees and all that, but I'm still not happy. Maybe JoAnn is right. Of all of the Timmy Lees in the Nike Girl Tracksuit world, you are the Timmy Leest.

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Timmy: I am in sad shape

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Timmy: Me? You want me to give the Braves $300 million?!

Timmy and Bobby standing on the dais at the Board of Commissioners.

Helen: You need involvement. You need to get involved in some real Christmas project. How would you like to gift wrap $300 million for Liberty Media and the Atlanta Braves?!

Timmy goes to the mailbox, pokes his head inside. Looks disappointed because it is empty.

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Helen: Boy, I love the beautiful sound of cold, hard, cash, that beautiful, beautiful sound. Nickels, nickels, nickels. That beautiful sound of plunking nickels. Now what seems to be your trouble?

Timmy: Maybe that's it.

Helen: Sure, Timmy Lee, it's not your money, you block head!

Timmy reaches in pocket, drops a nickel in her money can.

Walks down the street observing happy friends.

Helen: Incidentally, I know how you feel about all this Christmas business, getting depressed and all that. It happens to me every year. I never get what I really want.

A Timmy Lee Christmas with apologies to Charles Schultz

Timmy: I know I should be happy during Christmas, but I can't seem to manage it.

Helen: Don't worry. Johnny Schuerholz will be there to help you.

Narrator: It was finally Christmastime, the best time of Nike Dri Fit Tracksuits

Helen: Well, as they say on TV, "the mere fact that you realize you need help indicates that you Nike Tracksuit Black And Grey

Timmy: Rats! I didn't get a Christmas card from Lisa Cupid. I know nobody likes me. Why do we have to have a holiday season to emphasize it?

Narrator: Timmy Lee thought for a moment. Maybe he did need to hand over $300 million to the Braves in order to feel better about things. Helen's confidence was almost contagious. Besides, he couldn't let all the real estate investors down.

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Nike Girl Tracksuit

the year. Everyone was happy and full of holiday cheer.

Narrator: Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, but Timmy Lee was still sad.

Narrator: So Timmy held a meeting two days before Thanksgiving and the gift was delivered.

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Narrator: Timmy Lee hesitated. What did he know about Nike Tracksuit Orange

are not too far gone." I think we better pinpoint your fears. If we can find out what you're afraid of, we can label it. Are you afraid of responsibility? If you are, then you have hypengyophobia.

Timmy sits in front of Helen's psychiatric booth.

Nike Girl Tracksuit

giving a gift of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a huge corporation worth $17 billion?

Timmy: What is it you want?

Helen: A luxury skybox!

Timmy (to Bobby): The tax payers are really mad and now The Weather Channel wants a taxpayer gift too! Everything I do turns into a disaster. I guess I don't really know what Christmas is about.

That is, everyone except Timmy Lee.

Helen: Hold up there, Timmy Lee! I need five cents from you for my kind of advice!

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Nike Girl Tracksuit

Nike Girl Tracksuit

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