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When I imagine a toddler watching these videos I think of this for a toddler these unboxings are the work Nike Windrunner Men's Jacket Black And White

That is a great video. You can tell from the way that he is handling the mortar, that its consistency is just so. Each time he gets just the right amount of mortar in just the right place. The blocks get placed oh so easily. There no wastage of materials, as mortar that gets squeezed out is efficiently reused. I think it more likely they didn want to pay craftsmen like the guys in the video that do good clean mortar work. I recommend http: for those who feel the same way. I never found one to be enjoyable. I just stumbled across some when trying to search for reviews of products and they can hold my attention.

walterbell 10 days ago link

it is nice to watch someone who is good at what they do. I like to watch Franklin Barbecue videos on that basis.

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will find the need to defend traditional schooling3. Unless you lucky enough to have access to a Montessori high school, or you able to homeschool, you have to face the day when you send your kids back into a normal school.

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(public) to Montessori(more expensive, private). If we can find a familiarly priced or ranked school, with a similar level of parent involvement, we should avoid making a judgement about the method.

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Nike Hoodie Gray

of people with manual skills they still aspire to.

Self study is also an option (I have seen many do it) but not everyone is good at that. Where I grew up the kids who went to good private schools were at the same level as us. As I wrote earlier we often compare apples Nike Hoodie Gray to oranges when we compare against Montessori schools, comparing bad Nike Tracksuit Girls

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Here a video that I think has a similar appeal:http: it just a guy laying cinder blocks, zero consumerism. The commercialism might be a supply side phenomena, since that where the ad dollars are.

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Nike Hoodie Gray

I went through a Montessori school and struggled to make the transition to regular education resulting in poor grades, mostly due to me being bored. On one hand it lets syudents explore curiosity but on the otherhand it doesn teach important skills like paying attention. Interestingly in practice Montessori education is not a chouce between traditional and experimental education, but rather a choice between dysfunctional public schools or experimental education. Normal school allows children just long enough to become absorbed in something, then interrupts them with "change class!". Where it much harder to stay focused. But like frozenport said it is necessary to acquire a lot of knowledge reasonable fast in a college setting for example.

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Nike Hoodie Gray

If you considering Montessori, there a few things I need to warn you of (I speak as a parent who put 4 children through)1. You never look at normal schooling the same way again. You find the thought of sending your kinds to a traditional school depressing and wonder how anyone can think it a good idea2. Every parent you who finds out you send your kids to a non traditional school, and who hasn experience of them, Nike Dri Fit T Shirt Full Sleeve

Since society is happily live testing (90M instance) videos on toddlers, it could be extended to formal A experiments distributed on YouTube. Create variations of this popular video, changing one variable at a time shapes, colors, voice, manual dexterity. Compare toddler learning with computer vision algos for training robots on manual movement.

Nike Hoodie Gray

A Mother's Journey Through the Unnerving Universe of 'Unboxing' Videos

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