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A letter to the Telegram's sports department from a concerned parent who asked not to be named suggested the same. The parent wrote, "there is too much potential for bias" when private hockey owners are making decisions that affect minor hockey selections.

minor hockey players above and beyond that which is available from a given athlete's respective minor hockey association.

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"You're goddamn right it has come up," says Lee, who insists he was up front with the voting delegates when he first threw his hat into the ring four years ago seeking to become chair of HNL's minor council.

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of interest becomes more evident and far more controversial.

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"It's not just Wally Bray picking the team by himself."

Lee says his presidency hasn't made his business more profitable. In fact, in some cases he thinks it might actually be hurting it.

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He goes on to suggest that like any coach appointed to head up a provincial age group teams, Bray Lee's hockey business partner, who also serves as technical director for the St. John's Caps Minor Hockey Association is picking a provincial under 14 team capable of winning, not one that will maintain or increase the profit margins at their respective private operations.

Lee is also the president of HNL, the governing body for hockey in Newfoundland.

For Lee's part, he's had enough conversations with critics and heard enough through hockey channels to be well aware that a sentiment of injustice exists.

"I told people straight up in my speech thatI'm not going to apologize because of what I do for a living.

"Because the majority of people who are quality coaches are working in the private hockey business because they're getting paid to do it," he said.

Joining Bray on the provincial under 14 coaching staff, for instance, are Todd Budgell and Lee's son, Mike, both part of the Newfoundland Blizzard staff.

"My business hasn't grown any more since I became the president. I'm exactly where I am, with the people who patronize my business, as I was when I became involved."

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Pearcey says more qualified coaches, such as DarrenHalloran and his Xtreme Hockey partner, Andrew McKim, were passed over. And it's not the first time.

Lee says, "anybody who suggests WallyBray is going to take a kid that's in our program over some kid from another private hockey program or across Newfoundland is absolutely wrong."

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Lee has heard it before, but Nike Hoodie High Neck contends it's not as black and white as what the critics suggest.

Pearcey, however, wholeheartedly disagrees, and he's heard as much from the parents.

selections are tough, so you have to give some accessibility to persons to make the decision on kids who make these teams."

When it comes to picking elite level teams of, say, 20 players, it's well known that the first 10 to 15 are the easiest to pick simply because the best players are easily identified at any given camp.

"The crap's going to hit the fan with this conflict of interest between JackLee and HockeyNewfoundland and Labrador," insists RandyPearcey, co owner of Xtreme Hockey, a private hockey school operating in St. John's that's in direct competition with Lee's Newfoundland Blizzard Dogs Hockey.

"I'm proud of my business. I'm proud of the people who came through my program and went on to play at elite levels. And I'm proud of what I've done the last two years as the president, and hopefully the next two years we'll grow on what we started, and hopefully whenI finish my role as president that my business will still be successful."

It's a trend he only sees continuing.

"Parents have called me and said, 'I have no choice, if I don't put him over there when the all star selections come next fall, he isn't going to be picked.' And you know something? They're right, they don't get picked.

"He wants to come back from Moncton inOctober and say 'We won,'" Lee says. "He doesn't care who the kids' parents are, how much money they have or what program they went through."

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Lee maintains some folks, including the HockeyCanada brass, are not accustomed to branch officials also making a career offering instruction to Nike Blue Windrunner

That's precisely where some, including Pearcey, suggest the conflict Nike Green Jackets

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