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A story of ordinary people

Whether or not Tony really jumped from the plane didn't matter. His story had truth nobody could ever question.

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Nothing had prepared us for the emotional strain of getting so close.

I asked Tony what happened before he leaped from his seat and jumped.

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The passengers on the plane included then 14 year old Tony Feeney and 77 year old Gladys Cooper, both of Casper; Jenny Hudspeth, of Cheyenne; Amy and Doug Reynolds, both from Moorcroft; Dustin, Glenda, Jackie, Marie and Rusty Mobley, all of Moorcroft; Gayle and Jimmy Notgrass, both of Pine Bluffs; and Jody, Melissa and Travis Roth, all of Laramie.

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With no warning and little planning, reporters and photographers scrambled to cover the story despite problems with access to the crash site and a vacation thin staff.

As he was falling from the sky to almost certain death, he reached inside for what he knew would always be there: his mother's love, his mother's voice. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

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When he had asthma attacks, his mother Mary Ellen's voice always calmed him and helped him breathe more easily. Now he wanted that "nice and soft" voice to hold him tight.

For our newsroom staff, the crash confronted reporters, photographers and editors with the most complex and intense challenge of their careers. A number of factors helped us handle the sprawling story: the time of day the crash occurred well before deadline; a tradition of night police and general assignment experience to season up all reporters and photographers; and a spirit of cooperation.

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When we could finally step back to evaluate our work, we saw that we could have done better in some areas. But we had no regret about our conduct.

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why they had been spared when so many had died.

Yet the disaster presented new issues. Day after day, we reported stories of suffering, death, grief and loved ones' agonizing wait for identification of body parts. Survivors struggled to understand Nike Long Sleeve White

For days, weeks, months and even years, the Journal stayed with the story, which moved from the tense minutes leading up to the crash to the haunting aftermath of physical and emotional suffering and then healing.

The engine exploded and jolted him from his Walkman and heavy metal magazine, he told me. Terrified, he made the sign of the cross and started praying. When the captain told passengers Nike Hoodie Model to brace for landing, he started shaking. He wanted to hear his mother's voice.

Ultimately, Flight 232 became a story of miraculous survival, heroism and the extraordinary decency of "ordinary" people.

Not one of our stories or photographs compromised a victim's dignity. Not once did we use our knowledge of the hospitals or Briar Cliff College, where walking wounded were cared for, to skirt measures aimed at protecting victims and families.

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"Every year as the anniversary comes around I try to reflect on life and how well I'm honoring the 'extra time' I was given that day. I'm extremely grateful for what that day has come to represent and how it helped shape my life."July 19, 1989, handed The Journal an international story: the crash of United Flight 232.

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years after the crash, I remember Tony Feeney, a 14 year old Casper boy who was traveling alone to visit his grandmother in Chicago. During his recovery, he told me he remembered jumping from the plane just before it gouged the runway and cartwheeled.

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His story seemed unlikely. But how could doctors explain friction burns that took the full thickness of skin from parts of his body?

The DC 10 carrying 296 people cartwheeled in a fiery ball down a runway at Sioux Gateway Airport and into a cornfield, killing 110 people. The death count would rise to 112.

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