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Otherwise the restaurant area will serve as a business lounge. Passengers will be able to access the area by paying a set price, which will include wireless internet access, a buffet meal, snacks, newspapers and magazines and a quiet place to work.

Company spokesperson Tara Laing said if more publicly accessible bathrooms are needed during some crossings, some cabins can be opened to allow access to those facilities.

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It is much like the inside of a cruise ship with lighting to enhance mood and highlight features. Familiar things can also be found, such as a children's playroom, arcade and bar. There are also 80 reclining seats in two quiet lounges in the aft section of the ship.

There are a few less crewmembers on the Vision than either of the other ferries. Capt. Peet said those numbers are still changing as different things onboard the ship are tweaked.

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Mr. Parsons said locals may consider the Vision "a bit upscale," but tourists will likely appreciate the amenities it provides.

Capt. Peet said some passengers were initially negative toward the buffet due to its price, but after a staff member showed them what was available they decided to try it. He said they later expressed their satisfaction with the value.

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cab. So, from North Sydney to Port aux Basques for under $30 is a sweet deal. So let's enjoy the trip home.

Come on Kelvin, the cost of that ferry is $95 or $98 million over 5 years with the chance to buy for I'm sure will be big money. What kind of ferry can Marine Atlantic buy for that kind of cash? But, however it goes, I'm looking forward to my trip home on the Vision this summer. The rate is a little to pay for a classy ferry ride home this summer.

"It's a matter of choice. Ultimately, the choice rests with the traveller," he said, adding the Smallwood and the Caribou are still options for people as well.

Captain Stan Peet is one of two regular captains on the Vision. He said the comments from the majority of passengers have been very positive.

"She's very elegant and very different," said Mayor Button, but added he can't comment on how it will fit in to the gulf service until he sees how it works out over the summer.

Kelvin Parsons, Burgeo La Poile MHA, said he was impressed with the newest addition to Marine Atlantic's fleet. He said the investment in the charter shows a commitment from the federal government to continue and improve the ferry service.

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Inside, the Vision is far different from what passengers have grown accustomed to on the Smallwood or Caribou. Mirrors and windows abound along the curving Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner

Reaction from initial passengers has been mixed, with many praising the new services and amenities, while some criticized food and accommodation costs.

The Atlantic Vision officially started the gulf crossing on April 1.

Capt. Peet said people are now starting to see what the vessel has to offer. He added that what people aren't seeing is the months of work that have gone on behind the scenes to bring the vessel and its crew to this point, and the summer's not over yet.

Ms. Laing said the charter vessel did not come equipped with sleepers and there are no current plans to install any, but the company will be watching to see how the options onboard work over the summer. The Vision is equipped with two berth, four berth and deluxe cabins.

passageways leading along the main passenger deck. The only straight hallways to be found are along the cabin areas, which are more plentiful than any of the other vessel in the fleet.

During day crossings the cabins are now being sold for less than half price. Ms. Laing said it's an option that's becoming more popular.

There are other food options available at the snack bar for more budget minded passengers, said Ms. Laing. She said at breakfast there are bagels, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit and more available at the snack bar. At lunch and dinner, the menu includes soup, sandwiches, chili, hotdogs, salads Nike Hoodie Olive Green and more.

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He said operations will adjust over the season as what's working and what's not is identified.

A look at the Vision

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The buffet is one of the changes to the way food services are offered onboard the Vision.

Port aux Basques Mayor Brian Button was one of the guests. He said his first impression of ship was that it is "a step up" from what people are used to.

"When you walk in, it has a very comfortable feel to it," said Capt. Peet.

While anyone who has a cabin has their own private washroom, there is only one male and one female public washroom in the main passenger area.

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The ship's a la carte restaurant, where waiters and menus are the order of the day, will operate for lunch and dinner in the summer months when the vessel is making three crossings per day.

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Nike Hoodie Olive Green

One of the complaints some passengers have voiced about the new vessel is the lack of dormitory style sleepers, which provide a cheaper sleeping alternative to cabins.

A lot of people think it's a lot to pay but it's really not. This is how I see it from Lower Sackville to downtown Halifax cost $35 in a Nike Jackets For Boys

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Nike Hoodie Olive Green

to passengers, for example, still hasn't been decided. Capt. Peet said it is hoped to be in place by the time the summer tourism season kicks in.

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