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"Like any good film, it's open to interpretation. What I hope most of all is that we're able to take the audience on a journey where they're able to empathize with these characters."

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"They can't be lumped together with any other women, they're just themselves," she said. "That's how you conquer stereotypes."

"It is distinctly a native story, but we did try to go for something that felt like it was touching on universal themes," he explained.

´╗┐Aboriginal film 'Empire of Dirt' 'not trying to shove issues down throats'

"Empire of Dirt" is directed by Vancouver born actor turned director Peter Stebbings previously responsible for Woody Harrleson's super hero comedy drama "Defendor" and also features Canadian Luke Kirby as the wayward father of Lena's child.

Podemski, who is part Israeli and part aboriginal, said she'd love for the film to trigger an open dialogue.

"To be able to tell a story where we're saying 'Hey, we're human beings,' is important . I think at the heart of this film, it's about three generations of women, coming together as a family for the first time, figuring out how to be good moms and good daughters who doesn't relate to that?"

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TORONTO Teenage mothers, substance abuse and the little discussed but ever present impact of the residential school system on a family are all issues laid bare in the Canadian drama "Empire of Dirt," which follows three generations of native women battling their past while trying to create a better future.

For Stebbings, finding just the right tone for the film was very important.

"We very rarely see native people reflected in cinema as three dimensional characters. There is a history of skewing the truth and misrepresentation," she said, adding that the project has been eight years in the making.

Gee notes that the lead characters in the film are in no way Nike Jacket Khaki

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Jennifer Podemski, who plays Gee's mother and was also a producer on the film, hopes the movie comes across as "unpretentious, real and raw and unabashed."

"That's one of the goals for this movie, the reason we wanted to make it kind of universal to start a conversation and to kind of bridge the gap, to create tolerance and inspire future learning."

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But don't label the film just an "aboriginal movie."

former addict trying to save her teenage daughter from making the same mistakes she did.

Those behind the project which has been screening at the Toronto International Film Festival hope audiences of all ethnicities will be able to relate to the struggles explored on screen.

"Empire of Dirt" follows Gee's character, Lena, as she takes her troubled 13 year old daughter back to her rural Ontario hometown to avoid scrutiny from Nike Long Sleeve Shirt With Hood

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"A lot of Canadians Nike Hoodie Png don't know how to relate to the native community. On both sides, there's very little tolerance and understanding, there's very little space for a conversation unless you're provided the space," she explained.

child services. Once there, however, Lena has to deal with her own estranged mother and the ghosts of her past.

meant to stand for all native women, or even a specific community.

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Gee hopes the movie, her first feature, goes beyond what might be expected of a film that focuses on aboriginal characters.

"We're not trying to shove any kind of issues down anyone's throat. It's a human story and hopefully that's what comes through," said Cara Gee, who plays a young single mother and Nike Long Sleeve White

"Native isn't a genre. What does that even mean? We're all people and I think it's easy to forget that because we're so often in the media represented as being a problem," she said.

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