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Nike Hoodie Red Women

Nike Hoodie Red Women

Nike Hoodie Red Women

Nike Hoodie Red Women

Carrier, of course, would go on to found the Carrier Air Conditioning Company, a giant in the industry, which is still around today.

In 1925, the public's love of air conditioning could easily be seen. The first movie theater to use air conditioning the Rivoli in New York City became hugely popular with patrons who enjoyed the cool theater during the sweltering days of summer.

began to target business offices to sell them ac units. Some studies indicated that worker productivity increased greatly if workers are kept cool. In 1928, for example, the House of Representatives in Washington DC installed their air conditioning system.

In the US, experiments and air conditioning began in 1758 under the direction of none other than Benjamin Franklin. Franklin worked with inventor, John Hadley, on an experiment that proved how the evaporation could be used to cool water to below the freezing point.

Nike Hoodie Red Women

Where does they leave us today? A survey conducted in 2010 indicates that 86% of American homes have an air conditioner. Clearly, Americans have grown accustomed to staying cool even during the hottest summer days.

Nike Hoodie Red Women

Nike Hoodie Red Women

In the centuries following Huan death, other Chinese inventors experimented with other air conditioning techniques. In the eighth century, for example, the Liang Tian (or Hall contained a series of fans to keep the Imperial Palace cool. Inventors rotated the fans by using the power from water currents.

A History of Air Conditioning

Following the success of the movie theater, air conditioner companies Nike Tracksuits Boys

In the 2nd century, a brilliant inventor named Ding Huan first came up with the idea of a machine that could cool a room. He invented a mechanism that included a fan that was rotated through a series of cranks.

In the nineteenth century, new scientific understandings helped influence the types of experiments that scientists did surrounding air conditioning. In 1820, a British physicist named Michael Faraday also Nike Pullover For Girls

Meanwhile, in British colonial India in the 1760s, servants rotated large fans made out of cloth in order to cool rooms. This helped to keep the air circulating and cool people down even in the oppressive humidity.

After World War II, Nike Sweatshirt Black And White

Nike Hoodie Red Women

Nike Hoodie Red Women

In 1902, an engineer named Willis Carrier invented what we know as the first modern air conditioner. Basically, Carrier reversed the process of heating with steam and figured out how to use condensation to cool air. In his experiments, he used a compressor to liquefy ammonia gas (instead of today refrigerant). In so doing, it evaporated to cool water.

air conditioners designed for homes hit the market. As GIs returned from the war and began to Nike Hoodie Red Women purchase homes in the suburbs, there was a huge demand for smaller AC units that could keep individual rooms cool.

Nike Hoodie Red Women

did evaporation experiments to demonstrate how one could cool water quickly. It was this understanding that would shape air conditioning experiments in the twentieth century.

Nike Hoodie Red Women

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