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Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

2) strategically in court must be paid off if property needed to be liquidated; note holder made whole,

As you may know equity stripping using notes is not new. However I like you twist on it, trading notes. However I do see a problem with this, the mortgages need to be perfected money must actually change hands.

example you own a free and clear 100k property. i own one too. You put on note on mine. I put one on yours.

the dumbest person to every get a law degree, more power to you.

especially in court?

Any attorney, even one fresh out of school and minutes ago passing the Bar, will see the note filed, it will say HELOC or Future Advance even on a title search, which means the face amount is not necessarily the true balance owing at the time. It does nothing in reality to deter anyone seeking your assets. If you believe that the attorney representing his client is Nike Joggers Suits

Just how far are you willing to carry a lie, Nike Tracksuit For Kids

To do as you suggest is simple in theory, but you are exchanging actual notes here. Something that can be acted upon! I know I am putting up a property as collateral and I am acknowledging the note against me, (debt to me), but I am also originating a note, (no money from me), on a property I do not own.

on my property. I make one on yours. The effect is a zero sum gain.

And Bryan, I see you still are lacking maturity and common sence opting for confrontational interaction while exposing your lack of integrity and knowledge of the real world. Still looking for ways to out smart others and not having a clue. As an RE investor, and deal in the HML business a bit, I am in progress of placing "Liens" on paid up properties held in an LLC at 90% LTV. I have a functioning Canadian corporation that will hold the Promissory Notes and act as the lender. It easy since the money to buy came from there in the first place, (the loan was perfected). The note just translates the capitalization of a US C corp into a debt that never really gets paid out. This provides the added layer of protection from loss due to litigation.

a simple effective way to Protect Ass

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

I have seen lots of posts about LLCs, and other disregarded entities for asset protection, in addition posts on Insurance policies etc. But how about NOTES for protection?

How do you undo this? What happens when the other person sells their property first?? I have no real payout on my note and no collateral left. But, I have an outstanding Promissory Note against me and a paid up property on the table up for grabs.

The idea is that if there is no equity in the property, then it is not worth pursuing (for litigation purposes)

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

There is not only a lack of knowledge concerning basic business law but also accounting functions here. A HELOC type loan is a contingent laibility, one that is not realized until executed and it is not offset by an asset until they money is taken, then the note has vaue. The lien filed against the property has no value unless money and the obligation are exchanged. Having a ten million dollar lien filed does nothing unless it is funded.

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

California is litigious. We all know this. What if we were to trade "notes". You make one Nike Blue Tracksuit

Also a court may see it as "You conspired to strip equity or fraudulently protect assets" Would a court or plaintiff even discover this? Who knows. Whether a court would care might depend on how liberal a state you are in. Maryland courts have stretched the law pretty far Nike Hoodie Womens Gold to protect the little guy.

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

I agree with Steve, if you want to load up do so with a legitimate loan and then, knowing you are about to be sued, run to that lender and get your advance. Spend it fast because now you have cash to go after.

1) a deterrent for litigation.(no equity = no value to pursue)

I suggest you stick to conventional methods of asset protection. If a note is made, is there interest on the note (?) I realize you aren really making payments (which is a good way to catch your sham transaction) but the note holder has interest earned, was that accrued income claimed, are you on a cash or accrual accounting system? Did you list these loans on the books of your company or did you omit these false liabilities and assets, or is there any company involved at all?

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

If the corporate veil is pierced and the insurance doesn hold up, this could be one more strategy to protecting your ASSets.

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

The strategy is to trade notes on free and clear properties with like minded owners. What are your thoughts?

Look up "sham transation" if there is intent to profit or advance some economic benefit based on a false claims it opens the door to acting fradulently.

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

Nike Hoodie Womens Gold

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