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Nike Hoodie Womens Red

I've taken a look at a few portraits of myself online, and they're jarring, like peering into a funhouse mirror. But it's important to take a look anyway.

In this undated file photo made available by Google shows the campus network room at a data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (Connie Zhou/AP file photo)

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

Its analysis organizes my Facebook friends into categories I had never thought of before "Pawns," "Stalkers," "Scapegoats" and "Liabilities," the latter referring to the people who tag me in photos. Since it launched earlier this month, it Nike Sportswear Windrunner Men's Full-zip Hoodie

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

It's a fun diversion. Turns out, with high neuroticism, I'm most like the Miami Heat's LeBron James.

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

Then again, Acxiom could be holding back. When it launched the website last year, some criticized the firm for not offering a complete picture of what it collects and markets, such as whether a person is a "potential inheritor" or lives in a household with a senior or someone with a health condition.

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But then there are those who offer a darker portrait.

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

Until recently, the information flow on social media has been in one direction.

We post, comment, tweet and move around the Web leaving digital crumbs everywhere, which data brokers quietly vacuum up. Then they crunch all that into a profile to figure out what advertisements Nike Hoodie Womens Red to show.

ads related to "intellectual property," so I deleted that category.

So am I better off seeing these portrayals of my online persona?

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These portraits are "habituating" us to the idea that Nike Tracksuit For Girls

Maybe, but these snapshots are a step toward transparency in learning how we are viewed online. In fact, what we need is a right to the full dossier, much like asking credit agencies for one's credit report. What I do with the information remains to be seen.

But what if we could see our dossier? Would we rise up and demand laws restricting data brokers? Would we change what we do online? Or would we just shrug and move on?

But that sense of reassurance is misplaced, says Irina Raicu, director of the Internet Ethics program at Santa Clara University.

"A lot of people don't realize that it's possible to extract information that you didn't explicitly give permission to extract," he said. His firm is working on a social network that would allow multiple conversations but, like a dinner conversation, the transcript would evaporate after it was over. And thus, in theory at least, there is nothing for the data miners to mine.

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

"The profiles are being used not only to market to us, but also there is a predictive aspect to this," she said, adding that several industries such as insurance are based on making predictions. "I don't know what is worse, if they have accurate information or inaccurate information."

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

Over at Google's Ad Preferences, I see a list of my 30 interests that seem generally right. However, I do not need to see Nike Hoodies Price

has analyzed 200 million Facebook profiles, the company says.

"You go through life unaware of the digital shadow you cast," says a website created by Ubisoft Entertainment, as part of promoting "Watch Dog," its video game that highlights privacy and hacking.

A glimpse into what they know about the Digital You

"the real way to understand you is through analyzing data," said Joseph Turow, a professor of communications at The Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. "It's another step in the quantification of the individual."

Nike Hoodie Womens Red

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