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jermar 4 days ago link

A JavaScript to Cocoa compiler and runtime

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Assuming the transpilation is complete and bug free. Otherwise the transpiler ability dictates what your common code base can do.

point, this is Objective C with a different syntax, it not really JavaScript. Existing documentation, blog posts, stackoverflow answers etc use Objective C, so the programmer will have to do a lot of translation in their heads. Sure, I know JavaScript I just don like it. In this case I sure there are people who are more productive in JavaScript than Swift. even though the notion of anyone being productive in JS boggles me personally. Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Hoodie

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some aspects of prototype inheritance are implemented. It may be interesting to look into supporting hybrid web frameworks in the future :)

Most people who choose this kind of thing are not experienced with the transpilation target, they $language developers who want to avoid learning a new $language. As you said, if you want to be very good yes you have to learn all the tools. So for good developers it not about learning this or that, it about learning both, and choosing the one you think is the best to write a full application.", idiomatic JS does not map cleanly to idiomatic ObjC, you end up with code that is idiomatic in neither."Sure, you end up with idiomatic RubyMotion. Is that an issue ?

phpnode 4 days ago link

Yes, once Cupertino becomes more ECMA compliant, we will see the release of specific JavaScript frameworks targeting the creation of Cocoa apps. If I wanted to develop, lets say, an iOS app natively I chose Obj C (which I don know good enough, so I need to learn a little) or I use Swift (because it a higher abstraction level, I like FP, etc).

The name reminded me of http: but it not really the same thing; Cappuccino adds Objective C like method dispatch to javascript (they call it Objective J) and lets you use Interface Builder to create your UI.

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This could remove the context switch to Objective C syntax. It about objects, methods, interfaces, whatever the examples are written in.

The advantage here is that you can take a common JS codebase, abstract the platform APIs that you use out, Nike Hoodies Green and run it on the web and iOS. The platform layer developers will probably need to understand Cocoa and iOS well, but the other application developers might not need to so much.

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