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Control and double blind studies are more important when the placebo effect and subjective outcomes are at play. Not necessary here. Everyone that follows a different diet would like to complain about that. You should have compared it to the paleo diet, or low carb diet, or whatever. It has been supported by international studies, animal testing, and countless studies about the health benefits of more fruits and less meat.

I don remember the source, but I read an article a couple of years ago that linked that statistic of plummeting death rates in Norway during WW2 to high consumption of cod liver oil, which apparently was readily available. Take that as you will.

While interesting this is a highly flawed study. It should be considered preliminary with more properly controlled followup studies.1. No control groupYou need to have a control group that continues eating a standard healthy diet that includes animal products. The 11% who were non adherent could have been eating unhealthy diets which contributed to their instances of CAD. Without a control it could have just been eating a healthy diet that helped, not the exclusion of animal products.2. No blindingOf course a food consumption study is nearly impossible to double blind but at the very least the researchers could have been blinded. This also requires a control group.3. Self reported dataWhile it very tough to get anything other than self reported data for long term food consumption, it makes it far more likely that the participants will report inaccurate or incorrect data. Results tend to be biased because participants don want to let researchers down and lie about adherence.

Nike Hoodies Kids

Nearly 100% of participants who changed their diet had no additional cardiac events; some even had measurable disease reversal. These were all sick people. The hard question is "What is a healthy diet that includes animal products?" This study doesn address that interesting question but does demonstrate that if you eat a particular healthy diet that happens to not include any animal products, you won die from heart disease. That a profound result for the participants, with profound public health implications.

Nike Hoodies Kids

Nike Hoodies Kids

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Nike Hoodies Kids

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Nike Hoodies Kids

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I don think the effectiveness of a whole foods plant based diet is really in question here. There are enough robust studies showing that it prevents and reverses CAD (look for Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. If I had heart disease, I would have liked to know about this data.

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This post needs to be higher. This might be the only reliable

Only some of the observed beneficial outcomes may have been due to the diet. This study was not pro spectively randomized. Nevertheless, this fact does not detract from proof of concept that major cardiovascular events occurred in probably The past several decades have witnessed a substantial and sustained reduction in CAD. Nevertheless, CAD remains the number one killer of women and men in this country. Thousands of stable patients having stents experience no reduction in major cardiac events.6 While drugs have some effects on disease initiation and progression, these in terventions do not address disease causation. Not surprisingly, most patients experience disease progression, more drugs, more im aging, repeat interventions, progressive dis ability, and, too often, death from a disease of western malnutrition, the cause of which has been largely left untreated. We have in press several patient experiences that exemplify the repeated failure of present day cardiac drugs and procedural interventions, and that confirm the capacity of whole food plant based nutrition to restore health in "there is nothing further we can do" situations.36

I don know if it highly flawed, though it does have the flaws you mention. The numbers may be true, but they don smell right to me. Awful summary0.6% recurrent event rate does not mean it was 99.4% effective. You need to know what the recurrent event rate would have been if everything else was the same and they hadn followed the diet. No control group"Didn follow the diet" is not a control group. They have, post hoc, selected the subgroup consisting of "people unlikely to follow a lifestyle intervention". That group might also been the most likely to continue smoking, Nike Sweatshirts Green

evidence of the efficacy of plant based diets we have so far? I don know the mindset of Norwegians back then

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A Way to Reverse Coronary Artery Disease

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In summary, the present cardiovascular medicine approach tested beyond 40 years can neither cure the disease nor end the epi demic Nike Jacket Uk

"This study had several limitations. First, it included self selected, very deter mined patients. Without a control group, it is challenging to establish causality and as sess how much of the observed changes are specifically due to the diet. Nike Hoodie Metallic

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My friend, (a scientist) wants to develop a pill that "triggers" the placebo effect (lets face it, its as effective as many drugs). Could you test that?

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and is financially unsustainable. The safety, diminished expense, and prompt, powerful, and persistent results in treating the cause of vascular disease by whole food plant based nutrition offer a paradigm shift from existing practice. We think the time is right for a controlled trial. No surprise there. The fact that the study was for plant based nutrition holds very little relevance since there was no control group. It could simply be that people transitioned to a healthy diet. We can know for sure without proper controls.

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not take their medication, do no exercise, be too unwell to follow a rigorous diet, etc etc.3. Subgroup analysisDrawing a circle around a subgroup after your study and making inferences from them is an excellent way to get bogus results. (Classic example: Wimbledon winner prediction system. Email 2000 people at random with each player and ask them to bet $1 on that player. After you know the Nike Hoodies Kids winner, get the subgroup of people who won, and ask them how accurate they think your winner prediction system is.)

concerning health, so I don think the Placebo Effect played much of a role in final statistics, and they must have been under a lot of stress. I couldn find the footnote 15, but will look harder.

Sure, but you would just be testing it against other placebos. There has been work in this area. For instance getting a pill from a doctor is stronger than getting the same pill from a stranger. The look of the pill affects it strength, etc.

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