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"It seemed to be something about his condition in the embassy. That's the full extent of it," Hameed said. official, who has never historically spoken to my client, is coming to the embassy. I also don't know how at ease my client would be to fully disclose those details to me from where he is at this point."

Hameed will be accompanied by a Foreign Affairs official on his trip to Sudan.

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If all goes according to plan, Abdelrazik will land in Toronto at Pearson International Airport late Saturday afternoon.

Earlier this month, Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn ruled that Ottawa violated Abdelrazik's Charter rights by refusing to allow him to come home and ordered the government to take steps to bring him back to Canada within 30 days.

´╗┐Abdelrazik's lawyer hopes to bring him home

Abdelrazik remains on a United Nations terror watch list. And a document recently posted on the UN Security Council terrorist blacklist website alleges he has been closely tied to senior al Qaeda members.

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A Saturday evening welcome rally is planned for Abdelrazik in Montreal, where some of his family still lives.

A short time later, the Conservative government said it would comply with the order to bring Abdelrazik home.

Back then, he was arrested on suspicion of having links to terrorism, but was released and never Nike Jackets Sale

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Abdelrazik, who is now in his late 40s, has not been able to return home to see his family since 2003, the year he went back to his native country to visit his ailing mother.

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Hameed said the government had paid for Abdelrazik's plane ticket.

living in the Canadian Embassy since last year.

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"I'm concerned that that kind of interview should Nike Jacket Light Up not be prolonged," Hameed added.

Abdelrazik has said he was tortured, though Canada says it did not know about the alleged abuse.

The federal government then refused to allow him to return to Canada, even though the RCMP and CSIS cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Yavar Hameed has boarded a plane bound for Khartoum, where his client and former terror suspect has been Nike Jacket Windbreaker Mens

When the courts ruled in Abdelrazik's favour earlier this month, Hameed said his client was cautiously optimistic, but "until he sets foot on Canadian soil he's not going to fully believe the impact of this decision."

A member of the legal team for Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Canadian man who has been exiled in Sudan for six years, has boarded a plane in hopes of bringing his client Nike Blue Jacket Womens

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