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"We each have the ability through ethical consumerism to make a difference, both to our own health and wider issues including the environment, animal welfare and sustainability. Planet V supports our online community who are trying to follow a more compassionate and healthier lifestyle."


"People turn vegetarian for various reasons. With some it's animal welfare or environmental concerns, while for others it's health reasons. I've got friends who follow a vegetarian diet from Monday to Thursday," says Jane.

Sweet treats include wheat free and dairy free chocolate and orange cakes, vanilla jumbo cupcakes and dairy free white chocolate. Gelatin and gluten free confectionery include retro favourites such as sherbet fountains, parma violets, Caramac and Highland toffee bars.

Nike Jacket Swoosh

ten after watching a TV programme about animal slaughter. "I was horrified and decided there and then that I didn't want anything to do with that," she says. "My mum and two sisters later became vegetarian too, and we're all still veggie.

There are plans to expand the website to include information on areas like sport.

"We offer gluten, wheat and lactose free products and recipes," says Jane.

Jane turned vegetarian at Nike Sports Jackets For Men

Jane, from Heaton, is the founder of Planet V, the UK's first online vegetarian and vegan marketplace. Bringing together food, products, services and advice, it provides a 'one stop shop' for a meat free diet and lifestyle.

"A lot of sportspeople are vegetarian and vegan there's a group in Leeds called the Veggie Runners and it would be good to include advice on diet and nutrition," says Jane, who has a health and fitness background and worked at Bradford College as healthy college manager, implementing a health and wellbeing plan which was integrated into a Government programme and introduced Nike Pullovers Womens

The range includes veggie black pudding made from vegetable suet and beetroot with pearl barley, onions, oatmeal, herbs and spices dairy free clotted cream, vegan marshmallows, chocolate dipped ginger snaps, vegan curry paste and orange blossom and pistachio cake.

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Nike Jacket Swoosh

Nike Jacket Swoosh

"I was always going onto various websites for products and information, and I started to think, 'what if there was a place Nike Jacket Swoosh online just for vegetarians and vegans, completely tailored to their lifestyle?' I wanted to make life easier for existing veggies, and encourage other people to try a meat free lifestyle.

Now most supermarkets sell their own meat free ready meals, and pubs and restaurants offer more than just vegetarian lasagne.

The online marketplace also offers cruelty free and animal product free beauty products and health supplements, and clothing, shoes, bags, belts, toys, pet products and gift ideas.

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When Jane turned vegetarian there wasn't much in the way of meat free produce. Thirty years ago a veggie diet consisted largely of dried soya mince cooked with water and do it yourself sausage mix.

"As the idea grew, it became an online community where people could network, share recipes, find a vegan restaurant and do their weekly shop. It's gained momentum, and companies come forward to be promoted."

"A friend admitted that she never invited me for dinner because the thought of cooking for a vegetarian sent her into a panic," says Jane, 44. "I told her 'just think of a meat recipe and use a meat substitute there are plenty out there'.

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becoming concerned with ethical and environmental purchasing and healthy living this has increased with recent food scares. We wanted to provide a destination where they can get guidance and discover new brands, as well as providing a platform for companies meeting these needs to showcase their products and services.

American dried meat jerky is available in a vegan friendly format, made from soy, seitan and shitake mushrooms, flavoured with Hickory Smoked, Teriyaki and Thai Peanut.

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Supported by Queen guitarist Brian May and restaurateur Bobby Patel, owner of vegetarian restaurant Prashad, the site isn't just aimed at making life easier for non meat eaters it's also to help people who may be unsure about catering for veggies to source tastier food for dinner parties, barbecues and festive gatherings.

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"The aim was to centralise everything in a fun, bright, accessible way.

Adds Jane: "Vegetarian and vegan are simply terms to describe a lifestyle choice. Planet V is focused on supporting the growing number of individuals Nike Jacket Hoodie

Now Jane has a team of "five animal lovers and a dog" and her website features more than 2,500 veggie friendly products. New items are added every week and the site provides a directory of companies servicing vegetarian and vegan communities, from hotels to spas to social groups.

"When it comes to veggie food, people often don't know where to start. There's a much wider choice now but seeking out vegetarian products and recipes, particularly new and unusual ones, can be tricky. That's where Planet V comes in."

A veggie lifestyle on Jane Marshall's online menu From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

"For the basics, like spaghetti bolognese and sausage and mash, it's all there but it's usually the same old brands. Supermarkets have their own ranges but don't tend to stock produce from local companies," says Jane. "There are lots of interesting, unusual products.

Even now, with supermarket shelves full of meat free food, people often view her lifestyle choice with bemusement, fascination, suspicion and even a little fear.

"I recently turned vegan and have discovered even more interesting foods, and food combinations. I use things like dates and cocounts in ways I'd never considered before! It's a constant learning curve."

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