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Long tables, tents and grills were set in place behind cars, recreation vehicles and pickup trucks.

importance or to possess a title, other than that of part owner of this new and refreshing practice.

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"As soon as we knew the date of Nike Windrunner Wolf Grey

Nike Jacket White And Gold

A record number turns out for Castleton's opening win

Nearby, Rutlander Mike Potter had spread upon a large folding table his considerable menu of tantalizing offerings, including chicken, cheese potatoes, Spartan cookies with sprinkles, and sausage dip.

"(This is) the buzz in Rutland. I got Nike Jacket White And Gold up at 7 this morning and went to get ice and this is what everybody was talking about. This is going to be huge in this community.

a table nearby.

this game, it was on our calendar," said Maureen Sparano, who lived down the street from Alercio before he left his assistant's job at College of New Jersey to coach the Spartans. "We will come back. How did they get past event personnel at that hour?

CASTLETON Jodie Young and Jen Trowbridge became friends when they attended Castleton State College in the 1990s. They lost touch after school. Then something brought them back together.

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"Oh," said Trowbridge. "And there's a GAME?"

Nike Jacket White And Gold

But the activity in and around the lot was evidence that far more than an economy would be stimulated. This is an event, like downtown Rutland's Friday Night Live or a concert series where communities come together and bond. He was chauffeured by Wolk in a golf cart. Kim Alercio, the coach's wife, and Susie Cassarino, wife of defensive line coach Jeff Cassarino, mingled with friends in the gathering. Diane Wolk, wife of David Wolk, was in the crowd with the Wolk children and some of their friends. Young children with their hair painted Castleton green tossed a child sized football. No one seemed to be elevated in Nike Jacket Kids

Nike Jacket White And Gold

Nike Jacket White And Gold

"Definitely a heart stopper," he said, pointing to the dip in a pan covered with aluminum foil. "You should try some.""Loaded with fat," he said.

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Of course, it opened sooner. It seemed no one could wait to get the new tradition under way.

Cohen was a member of a group of friends to Castleton head coach Rich Alercio. They made a six hour drive to be part of Saturday's festivities.

Facebook and Castleton State College football.

They were reunited on Saturday morning, wearing identical "Sparty On" T shirts in a bustling tailgating area, hours before the college played its historic first game against Anna Maria.

"I got Goosebumps. When I got on the computer and watched a video of their practice, I cried," Young said. "It's great because there's a lot of kids in Rutland who play football."

"Everybody is excited because so many people are down on Rutland and the economy."

Behind Potter, a grill was cooking up some of the 15 pounds of beef tips he brought along.

Also on the menu were hot dogs, burgers, steak kabobs, scallop kabobs and pulled pork, North Carolina style.

"The potato salad is the big winner in my book," he said, motioning to Nike Sweatshirts

Nike Jacket White And Gold

Potter, a Rutland High graduate, said he was in attendance at the meeting where Castleton president David Wolk announced plans to bring football to the school.

"We began planning in March to meet here," said Young, who lives in Belfast, Maine.

Sparano smiled. "We begged," she said.

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But something more intimate that a game was taking shape in one of the areas set aside for pregame activities. The aroma of cooking peppers, sausage, onions, beef and chicken wafted through the air, framing happy, spirited conversations, the play of small children and a warmth shared by those who joined to partake in the first serving of a new tradition.

Oh, yes, the game.

"We've been planning this since early spring. We bought season passes and this is our parking lot for four games," he said.

Nike Jacket White And Gold

Nike Jacket White And Gold

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