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I routinely publish hundreds of words to my Posterous blog, and nobody has reprimanded me thus far.

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Good work so far, congrats. ;)Could you please reveal a bit of your future plans, for example what will be in the paid version? ; ) Or at least, I'd be very grateful if you can tell whether you are planing to allow displaying ads in the future.

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A Head to Head

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Yeah, i'm not happy when people think Posterous is microblogging or Tumbleblogging. Nike Jacket Womens Black When people say they use Tumblr, I ask them how they post 3 photos, and they are stumped :)

They don't aesthetically like the available ad options, so haven't made them available to their users. You shouldn't have a problem doing it yourself.

thomaspaine 1885 days ago link

That's because users can't customize yet. So while we can write to our hearts content some of us use it as a microblog that complements are primary blog. I ditched WP a while back cuz Posterous was so easy to use. But now I miss the customization and am thinking of going back but using Posterous to post. Still love you guys tho and can't wait for customization!

Hopefully we'll be able to woo you over soon. It's got that feature where you can re blog something and it automatically links back to others who have done that, among other neat features. Does anyone know?

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a4agarwal 1885 days ago link

rantfoil 1885 days ago Nike Sportswear Bonded Blazer

I guess I could say the same thing about Tumblr. I use Tumblr as a regular blogging platform, and I know tons of other people who do this too. I considered Posterous, but not being able to customize the theme was a deal breaker for me.

greyman 1885 days ago link

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