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Don't be shocked or change the subject.

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Range Behavioral Health's Suicide Education and Support Services offers a program called Question, Persuade, Refer. The program trains members of the community to recognize and respond when a person is experiencing a suicide crisis. Ideal for workplaces, community agencies, etc.

Heartbeat and Heart to Heart: Peer led support groups provide resources, important opportunities to talk about loss and trauma and fellowship to those bereaved by suicide.

To Nike Jackets Blue And White schedule a training or learn more about how you can help increase awareness in men, contact SESS at (970) 313 1089.

tend to use less lethal means, such as poisoning, according to Emmy Betz, an assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at CU Denver.

3) Respond: "I care and you are not Nike Sweatshirts Mens

1) Ask: "Are you thinking about suicide?"

Although alarming, Betz said Weld County's high rates for suicides involving men, guns and those between the ages of 45 and 64 are consistent with trends statewide and nationally.


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Grief counseling: A mental health counselor is available to help survivors and those touched by suicide attempts.

Have you thought about how to do it?

How to talk to someone who may be contemplating suicide

Suicide in men is a "silent epidemic" an epidemic because of its high incidence and silent because of a lack of public awareness, lack of research and the reluctance of men to seek help for suicide related concerns.

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Men are at a higher risk, in part, because studies show that men tend to use more lethal means, such as guns, to kill themselves.

While what drives a person to end their life is a complex matter and different for each individual, the loved ones they leave behind all have something in common their pain.

There are theories as to why the county's suicide rate is the highest it's ever been but experts are cautious about tying the increase to any one factor.

2) Listen: "I want to hear about this."

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For more information, contact SESS at (970) 313 1089.

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The memory of his suicide 21 years ago is still fresh for Gamet, who said her husband had been struggling with depression and began treating it with the drug Prozac, and it seemed to be helping.

A look into why suicide rates have increased in Weld

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Men commit 80 percent of Weld County's suicides, guns are involved in about 50 percent of suicides, and men between the ages of 45 and 64 are at the highest risk of suicide, according to data from the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment.

Don't tell them how they do or should feel.

After 16 years of marriage, Greeley resident Cindy Gamet's ex husband killed himself while the couple was living in Laporte.

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SAFE:Teen: An interactive and powerful presentation designed for middle and high school students, providing information about suicide risks, warning signs, and available resources.

For more information, contact SESS at (970) 313 1089.

"Nationally, the suicide death rate for men is much higher than for women. This is in part because men tend to attempt suicide with lethal methods such as guns, so they are less likely to survive," Betz said. "They may also be less likely to seek help for depression."

"Suicide is a very personal and complex decision for each individual," said Kimberly Pratt, a suicide educator and clinician with North Range Behavioral Health. "What we do know for sure is that untreated depression is the No. 1, most identifiable risk factor in suicide and that men are less likely to seek support for depression."

More Weld County residents died of suicide in 2013 than ever before. For those left behind, their loved ones' deaths can have a lasting impact on their own health and well being.

Don't offer simple solutions.

How long have you felt this way?

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ManTherapy: A program designed specifically for middle aged men to offer support in a personally relevant and open way.

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