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For Mrs Knox, an artist, however, the evidence is conclusive.

As Stuart Ching of the Notts Beekeepers' Association, explains: "Beekeepers, in general, are not medical practitioners.

beekeepers we are very wary of saying that this effect is factual."

But is there any medical evidence that honey is an effective anti allergen?

One company, Life Mel, cites research to support its claim that bees fed on ginseng and echinacea may boost the immunities of people undergoing chemotherapy.

Greater claims are made for honey derived from particular crops, such as manuka.

honey does help hayfever sufferers, then you need scientific evidence for this.

The third group received a placebo of corn syrup with honey flavouring.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut, in the United States, found no evidence of honey's effectiveness in a study published ten years ago.

"I eat the honey they produce and I spend quite a bit of my spare time around them. And my hay fever symptoms have completely stopped. I don't care what people say, there Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker has to be some truth in it.

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

that by eating honey produced in the area where you live, it could desensitise you to the pollens which surrounded you and, as a consequence, your hay feverish symptoms stopped.

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

a sweet alternative to traditional hay fever cures

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

Studies have shown that, as an antibacterial and healing agent, it is better than over the counter remedies for coughs, colds and sore throats.

"I can understand that it doesn't work for everyone, but it really has for me."

A second group was given nationally collected, filtered and pasteurised honey.

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

They divided their hay fever sufferers into three groups.

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

All the subjects were asked to record how dreadful they felt on different days, but the results showed that neither honey group fared better than the placebo group.

To one group, they gave local unpasteurised, unfiltered honey.

"There is much anecdotal evidence about and the general public are convinced this is so. As Nike Hoodies Boys

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

"If local Nike Windrunner Light Blue

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

He said there was a medical theory behind the old wives' tale, Nike Pullover Grey

But specifically for hay fever, evidence is anecdotal. Beekeepers are wary of making unsupported claims because it clearly doesn't work for everyone.

Nike Jackets For Girls Windbreaker

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