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With over 190,000 members, almost 600,000 monthly unique visitors (6/2014), 850,000+ forum posts, and tens of thousands of articles, BiggerPockets is changing an industry, one investor at a time.

Since its founding in 2004, BiggerPockets has revolutionized the way people in the real estate world network. With our Social Networking Platform, which allows people to safely and professionally communicate with one another, we were able to Nike Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Our mission is to help educate people in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing and to provide tools, data, and resources to enhance real estate knowledge, networking, dealmaking, marketing, and other day to day real estate activities.

What Are You Guys Trying to Do?

Jarrett began programming in C and C++ before moving to web development, giving him a deeper understanding of software. Software engineering has always been fascinating to Jarrett because he loves to solve problems. He is always trying to improve himself by learning new techniques and working with smart people. Outside of programming, he enjoys learning about the sciences, relaxing with friends, and investing for his future. He graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Computer Science.

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Nike Jackets Windrunner Women's

Ned Carey is a full time real estate investor with ten years of investing experience. He is a lifelong entrepreneur. Previously he owned an independent sales organization for the bicycle industry before turning to real estate. Mr. Carey's specialty is tax sale investing which he uses to acquire properties to wholesale or to build his rental portfolio. His experience includes multi family, single family, renovations, tax liens, ground leases, holding mortgages and wholesaling. This wide range of experience makes him a sought after coach, mentor and partner. in the medical field. Mehran acquired his first rental in early 2013 and is now quickly scooping up more residential properties (1 4 units) to grow his portfolio. His dreams of replacing his earned income with passive cash flow become more real each day. You can also always find him training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking, reading or enjoying an All You Can Eat buffet.

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of the site encompassing education and discussion.

We take pride in offering all our content, discussion forums and networking for FREE to our users, and strive to bring our users additional services and tools that they can use to improve their investing. While BiggerPockets does have PRO accounts available for users who are looking for more powerful tools, the basic account will grant access to all areas Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

What's So Unique about BiggerPockets?

Our mission is to help educate people in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing and to provide tools and resources to enhance real estate knowledge, networking, dealmaking, and marketing. Furthermore, we believe that the real estate investing industry has a credibility problem we're here to try and change that.

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Ned Carey Moderator

Scott Trench Director of Operations

Jon Holdman Lead Moderator

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´╗┐About The BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Social Network

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Jarrett Baugh Software Engineer

bring these networking capabilities to the next level.

Unlike most other real estate investing and "educational" real estate websites, we do not promote "gurus" in an effort just to gain affiliate sales. Our Nike Jackets Windrunner Women's purpose is to help educate our members directly on our site. Through our forums, articles, member blogs, podcast and BiggerPockets Blog, users can get an education that they'd spend thousands of dollars for elsewhere. We believe that there should be an alternative to high priced, and often outdated guru materials, and BiggerPockets is designed to fill that void.

Going beyond the website, BiggerPockets delivers top notch real estate networking and educational content via its ebooks, podcast, and the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit.

Want more information about BiggerPockets?

Learn about the Nine Core Beliefs of BiggerPockets Members, Why Join BiggerPockets: 12 Benefits for You and Your Business, What to Do First at BiggerPockets, Important Tutorials, and The Best of BiggerPockets. An entrepreneur, web designer, real estate investor, and one time realtor, Joshua was not satisfied by the online offerings of other real estate sites out there, and decided to build one himself. Mr. Dorkin's vision for BiggerPockets has helped to propel it into becoming one of the top real estate destinations online. His vision for the site and its future has brought national press attention to both Mr. Dorkin and to BiggerPockets. Brandon purchased his first property at the age of 21 and, alongside his wife, quickly built up a portfolio of cash flow positive properties that enabled them to leave the corporate world and pursue their passions. Brandon then began blogging and teaching others about investing in real estate and in November 2012, joined the BiggerPockets team to help grow the community. Brandon also enjoys traveling, playing the acoustic guitar, and drinking 185 degree peppermint hot chocolate drinks from Starbucks.

A longtime fan of BiggerPockets and a wannabe Real Estate Investor, Scott is the company's Director of Operations. BiggerPockets is a BIG website, and Scott's background in finance and big data analysis will be instrumental in the next phases of company growth and in helping to bring the resources of BiggerPockets to more investors worldwide. Scott is passionate about helping others build wealth and serving his community in whatever ways he can.

Volunteer Community Moderation Team

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There are many copycats out there, but only one BiggerPockets!

Our site is here for the consumer. We are not fans of the sleazy sales pitch and that shows if you take a look at our forums and other areas of the site! We kick out spammers and leeches and focus on providing our members with a safe learning, networking, and marketing experience free from pressure and solicitation.

Learn more about the BiggerPockets Mindset, Core Beliefs, and reasons to join on our Start Here page. This page also contains links to several important tutorials for using the site, including the all important "How to Use BiggerPockets to Grow Your Business"

Jon is an IT guy who does real estate investment part time. He designs and develops storage subsystems, which is a Nike Mens Tracksuits

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combination of hardware and software. Jon started doing hard money loans in 2007, and then bought his first property in 2008. He continues to invest in properties throughout the Denver area.

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