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In fact, managing partner Todd Thrasher said since 2008, he and his team of three others became the largest landowners in east Cobb, as more than 300 of lots previously owned by them have been or are currently being developed by builders. The group's business model is to buy lots, 80 percent of which they said have been distressed lots, prepare them for home construction, work with the county government to get zoning approval and sell the mostly ready to go lots to builders.

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also said BCC has been one of the largest benefactors to east Cobb's undeveloped Mabry Park, as they live in the east Cobb community and understand the importance of greenspace and having a place for their kids to play. Jones lives in Vinings.

EAST COBB It is no secret that east Cobb is dominating the local market for new residential construction. But one lesser known fact is that Brooks Chadwick Capital has been on the front end of nearly every developed lot in the area for the past three years.

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Nike Long Sleeve Cotton

"He was six months old at the time and I was so excited to be a father, we just took his first and middle name and ran with it," Thrasher said. "We get asked all the time from people if they can talk to Brooks Chadwick, and if Brooks Chadwick can pay for this or that, and we just have to laugh."

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Todd Jones, division president for the Lennar Homes' Atlanta operations, said he has worked on seven communities with BCC since early 2010, beginning with Mirraview.

"We focus on lots that are in the Walton, Pope and Lassiter school districts because the fundamentals are strong, the schools are the best, and the demand has outstripped the supply," Thrasher said. "I get calls from builders every day who want to come to east Cobb, and we have probably Nike Hoodie With Zipper

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A new venture Firm seeing success with Cobb real estate construction

"Working with them has been outstanding," Todd Jones said. "They're very honorable, they do the right thing, they're a great group to deal with and they're Nike Long Sleeve Cotton very forthright. For us, as a startup division in Atlanta, you don't always have expertise, knowledge and history with an area and its people and those are critical to uncovering all issues about the land's history, to know zoning issues that may come and to have good relationships with people to make that happen. It's all part of a big process to get a community, whether distressed or raw, to the finish line and it takes a lot of effort and relationships, and the guys at Brooks Chadwick Capital have that."

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But if you expect to speak with Brooks Chadwick, you'll have to go through Thrasher, the 4 year old's father.

And since that first development, they have also added to their team well known luxury home builder Steve Edison is now a partner and has built out some of the lots they purchased, while Roy Jones of Walton Communities joined in November as a partner and general counsel for BCC.

Thrasher said they used mostly their own money in the beginning to get the business rolling, but they "do have a few banks that swear us to secrecy," he said with a laugh.

Neither wanted to disclose what their profits or revenues have been, but did say that the venture has been "very, very lucrative. We'll have four or five bids on every piece of property we try to sell."

Thrasher said BCC has been Lennar's largest provider of lots, but BCC has also sold to Marietta based developer Traton Homes. Some of the subdivisions BCC originated in east Cobb include Lake Haven, Marston Park, Tanglewood Crest, The Vineyard, Robinson Manor, Holmes Farm, The Estates at Walden, Wigley Preserve, Mt. Creek Estates and Peyton Estates in Alpharetta. The group has also helped broker and sell numerous apartment complexes and developed lots to investors over the past three years.

Thrasher and Dave Clapper partnered in December 2008 to purchase their first development, which included 28 lots in a community called Mirraview in northeast Cobb. The lots were purchased through foreclosure from United Community Bank and State Bank. Lennar Homes purchased the lots from Thrasher and Clapper and has since sold all of the homes in the development with an average sales price of $300,000, Thrasher said.

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Nike Long Sleeve Cotton

the venture as a side project rather than hinging the project on the expectation that it would be their sole sources of income.

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Nike Long Sleeve Cotton

Thrasher and Clapper had worked together as developers in the past, but were fortunate to cut their ties before the housing market collapsed, so they viewed Nike Jacket Zip Up

But that first development was so profitable, they bought a second development. Then another, then another, and by 2009, they found that there were basically no lots left to be bought in the east Cobb area, so in early 2010, they began buying up raw land and preparing it for new subdivision developments.

10 letters of intent out right now and three projects that are under way in some form."

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