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You can't tell from the picture, but the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES is actually slightly longer than a standard GeForce4 Ti 4200 card. This extra inch or so doesn't create motherboard compatibility problems, at least not on all the motherboards I have in house. Then again, all the motherboards I have also accommodate the gargantuan GeForce4 Ti 4600.

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Because the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES's S Video and VGA outputs are on the back plate's second tier, Nike Long Sleeve Tee they can't be mounted flush with the PCB. To work around this problem, there's a small riser card that feeds the analog outputs. At first, the riser board had me worried about video signal quality degradation, but the card's analog output is no worse than other GeForce4 Ti 4200 cards I've tested.

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The Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES features a standard array of video output ports, including VGA, DVI, and S Video outputs, but it actually spreads those ports over a double wide PCI back plate to make room for the OTES exhaust duct. The back plate will steal the PCI slot right next to your AGP card, which will be a problem if you use all of your motherboard's PCI slots. The unique back plate layout and size also makes the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES incompatible with Shuttle's SS51G, whose PCI slot is actually on the opposite side of the AGP Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Varsity Jacket

can screw down the mounting bracket also ensures that the metal bracket's arms don't make contact with any of the components on the PCB. The center of the bracket rests on a rubber spacer to prevent any conductive PCB contact.

Two story, three output, with a view

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Nike Long Sleeve Tee

Abit's graphics boards are usually pretty stylish, but the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES comes on a dark brown PC that doesn't exactly cry out to fashion conscious enthusiasts. Sure, the brown matches the card's copper colored metallic bits, but in an aluminum case with a red motherboard, blue sound card, brightly colored rounded IDE cables, and a fluorescent cold cathode, the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES sticks out more than an Itanium at a LAN party.

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Like the majority of GeForce4 Ti 4200 based graphics cards I've seen, the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES uses Philips' SAA7104E encoder chip. The chip is capable of NTSC/PAL output resolutions up to Nike Grey Jacket Mens

slot. I haven't personally had the chance to check out other AGP equipped small form factor systems, but my guess is the OTES will create compatibility problems in other mini PCs.

And now for something completely different

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Because there's quite a bit more to the OTES cooling system than a standard GPU cooler, a four point mounting bracket holds the cooling system in place. The bracket, and entire OTES setup, is easily removed with just four screws, and the screws themselves are designed such that you can't over tighten them. Restricting how much you Nike Jacket Black Grey

Four screws hold it all together

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Hynix supplies the memory chips for the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES. Since the card actually runs at GeForce4 Ti 4400 speeds, the memory chips are rated for 275MHz. So, while the card uses a GeForce4 Ti 4200 GPU overclocked to Ti 4400 speeds, the memory is actually running in spec at 550MHz DDR. Curiously, there's no passive or active cooling present on the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES's memory chips. I would have thought that, with a card so obviously designed with the overclocking enthusiast in mind, at least some consideration would be given to memory cooling. Switching the memory over to BGA chips is probably too extreme an expectation for a card at this price point, but a few memory heat sinks would have fit in nicely with the whole theme. Then again, at least in my own testing, memory heat sinks don't necessarily guarantee better overclocking results. In our GeForce4 Ti 4200 round up, cards with memory heat sinks didn't have an overclocking advantage over those without. Although the card we're reviewing today is a 64MB model, the Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES also comes in a 128MB flavor, which I'd recommend given the results of our recent graphics memory size comparison.

Hynix chips rated for 275MHz

´╗┐Abit's Siluro GF4 Ti4200 OTES graphics card

1280x1024, and also supports HDTV output. However, the SAA7104E is just an encoder chip, which means it's not capable of decoding incoming video feeds.

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Philips SAA7104E for video output

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