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At the wheel, it gives the impression that you are driving a larger vehicle and visibility all round is excellent. Tall bodywork brings good headroom. There is also good legroom both front and rear, with the result that it can comfortably seat five. Large windows make the cabin light and airy.

A superior compact

I love the car's low, rising waistline; also, the pronounced wheel arches. It certainly looks a sturdy car and also feels that way. Doors close with a lovely thunk and the body feels rigid when travelling on poor roads.

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S UZUKI's SX4 is the sporty compact car with the characteristics of a lightweight SUV. It also offers the superior traction of larger 4x4s in the case of top versions, thanks to an advanced all wheel drive system.

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More good news is that the rear bench is quite wide, so there's room for three adults to squeeze in the back for short journeys.

SUV style features, including front and rear skid plates, make it an eye catching car and it's looking better than ever following the introduction of a redesigned front bumper and grille, plus new design 16 inch alloy wheels in the case of SZ4 and SZ5 cars.

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It helps, Nike Long Sleeve White of course, that the SZ5 cars have a switchable four wheel drive system, so, in normal running, can be run with power just going to the front wheels. It takes just a push of a button to switch from 2WD to 4WD Auto with a further press engaging 4WD Lock when conditions get particularly sticky.

make for easy access and Suzuki's decision to set the rear seats slightly higher than those at the front is to be applauded giving those in the back a better all round view.

Suzuki introduced fresh dials when updating the car and the LED back lit instruments are easy to read through the top of the three spoke, height adjustable steering wheel.

The diesel is a delight because it is flexible and most refined as well as economical. It's also Euro 5 compliant with 139g/km C02 emissions making the top car the cheapest SX4 to tax, at The SX4 is promoted by the manufacturer as a sport crossover car and with its roof rails, pronounced wheel arches, large side rubbing strips and sporty extensions on the bumpers, is very much a model in the mould of a compact SUV, like Suzuki's larger Grand Vitara.

And what's really great is that the top SZ5 cars in the SX4 range are more affordable 4x4s in the tradition of the Japanese brand that's long given drivers the benefit of all wheel drive at prices more akin to regular 2WD vehicles.

Clearly, the SX4 is a car with a lot to offer. Suzuki's different take on the family hatchback is a winner in my book, through being a Nike Tracksuit Dri Fit

The instrument panel includes four dials plus an information display giving details of average fuel consumption, range on fuel in tank and outside temperature.

Choose a top SZ5 car and the optional four wheel drive system is a real bonus for anyone living in the country. It brings greater peace of mind when motoring on snow covered roads.

Inside, two tone upholstery is complemented by a two tone finish for the dashboard that's highlighted with metallic coloured accents.

The raised seats, large door openings and high ground clearance Nike White Hoodie

Controls for the radio/CD player and automatic air conditioning system are found in a new display in the centre console. Steering wheel audio controls are also illuminated. The hi fi's CD tuner is both MP3 and WMA compatible and broadcasts through eight speakers.

The petrol engined, all wheel drive SX4 can be yours for while the 2.0 litre diesel version I've been driving is with the extra outlay adding cruise control and a six speed manual transmission as additional standard equipment.

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that it doesn't simply present a fresh take on the conventional family hatchback or estate but also offers surprisingly spacious transport for a model of its size.

compact car that represents comfortable and refined transport while also being good to drive.

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I found the 4WD option most useful when venturing into the hills. A muddy track was easily negotiated with power going to all the wheels.

The 2.0 litre DDiS engine is only offered in the top version of the SX4. All other examples have the 1.6 litre petrol burner.

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Choosing the diesel engine rather than the 1.6 litre petrol power plant makes much sense if you are a high mileage driver in view of the greater economy it offers. Suzuki quotes a combined fuel economy figure of 53.3mpg against 43.5mpg in the case of the 4x4 SX4 running on unleaded fuel.

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