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Nike Long Sleeves

Nike Long Sleeves

If you make a website solely to advertise yourself, and not also to Nike Windrunner Jacket

extensions, a quick estimate suggests 12%.

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A software engineer

Nike Long Sleeves

Nike Long Sleeves

For those of you who didn get it (I had to google what w3m was), his point is that the site context is all rendered by JS, without any fallback static text content. Besides the obvious accessibility issues, it also not good for SEO.

you couldn possibly have imagined they be looking for is also nice, and if you go the javascript only route, you might never find out. The website is designed to give the impressing that this mock CLI is used for everything, but it can be seen using w3m from a real CLI.

It is a real cli. I think the site is absolutely gorgeous and creative, but still a little irked that its presentation matters more than making it available to anyone but sighted English speakers with JavaScript Nike Long Sleeves enabled.

shittyanalogy 175 days ago link

make cool stuff you made or found or said accessible to the people who might be looking for it, you may not be doing it wrong, but you are still missing out a bit :)Not that I have any beef with javascript only stuff or this site, the web is big enough for everything please don read my comment as complaining in any shape or form, really. I just want to say that successfully targeting an audience is nice, but people finding stuff at your site(s) Nike Hoodie Purple

I am reading HN on text mode links right now. Switch from lynx to links and thank me later.

logfromblammo 175 days ago link

United857 175 days ago link

gavinpc 175 days ago link

Nike Long Sleeves

Nike Long Sleeves

I yet to meet another noscript user who demands every site should provide roughly the same experience with or without scripts. Minimally we just want a webmaster to include a goddamn telling us why we should temporarily whitelist her domain. the target audience of this page. Hell, for just Firefox users who use Nike Sb Hoodie Grey

If you rely on SEO to get work as a software engineer, you probably doing it wrong. Know your target audience, yadayada. Just sayin :)

I like the site. It not reasonable to expect developers to cater to a tiny fraction [0] of their audience when that audience wants the developer to essentially give up all client side interaction other than POSTs.[0] It around

lhorie 175 days ago link

PavlovsCat 175 days ago link

Nike Long Sleeves

Nike Long Sleeves

I stuck with lynx for the longest time. Somewhere around 2007 the web became COMPLETELY unusable, even on the subset of sites I would visit. Sad times we living in. Seems like an OK hack.

Nike Long Sleeves

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