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"It is 8 feet in diameter, so it allows enough room from kid to kid, for them not to be too close together," she said. "It also has a net so nobody can fall out."

"That puts people at risk for catastrophic injuries like paralysis," Briskin said.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending against trampolines at home.

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"It won be as fun," she said. "They enjoy it only when they have company."

The American Academy of Pediatrics says its precautions also apply to all commercial trampoline parks. And homeowners with trampolines should check that their homeowners insurance policy covers trampoline injury related claims.

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Nike Men Jacket Black

Doctors say if you still plan to use your trampoline, always have an adult present Nike Green Sweatshirt

A warning about trampolines

"They unsafe.

Many injuries occur on the mat. The American Academy of Pediatrics says netting and pads provide little protection and do not significantly reduce the risk of serious injury.

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In 2009, there were about 98,000 trampoline injuries. Most of the problems occur when there are a bunch of jumpers at once, Nike Men Jacket Black and it usually the youngest kids children 5 and under who end up getting hurt.

Spektor makes sure her children are supervised, but says there no point in jumping solo.

and only let one child jump at a time.

Besides fractures, doctors also worry about head and Nike Sweatshirt For Men Black

Nike Men Jacket Black

She says as long as they being watched and they taught properly, it a risk she comfortable taking.

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injuries from somersaults and flips.

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