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Was our experiment a success? In a way, yes, but we'll still be eating meat.

"It will only be a brief affair," I promised, buying some eye fillet for dinner that night, the night before my family kicked off Meat Free Week.

she dabbles with lots of ideas, was receptive to the whole thing.

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with new potatoes, green beans and pesto

It was a hard sell at home as well. The boys like their meat. I do, too. Only my daughter, who occasionally dabbles with the idea of vegetarianism, for ethical and taste reasons, and the fact she's almost 13, an age where Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner Hoodie Red

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Once home in the kitchen, I turned to what has become my vegetable bible for inspiration Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's River Cottage Veg Everyday!, a fabulous book. The potato rosti recipe is a staple. (They were delicious with that piece of eye fillet.) His roasted tomato sauce is the ideal base for many things. Plenty of salads and sides to serve at barbecues alongside pork chops and lamb cutlets and fillets of fish.

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Pasta Nike Tracksuit For Kids

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For something different we tried the haloumi, preserved lemon and mint cigars as an afternoon snack on the weekend (Ross Dobson recipe here). Who would have thought filo pastry would taste so delicious on the barbecue? These will be become a drinks party regular.

"We almost choked on our lamb chops," they said, or something to that effect, having read that this Nike Jackets On Sale

Nike Mens Sweatshirts

Nike Mens Sweatshirts

I should have known I'd be up against it from the moment I walked into my local butcher. They all stood there in their blood stained aprons, holding very sharp knives, hands on their hips and looks of incredulousness on their faces.

I tried hard to get everyone excited. The kids and I made a special trip to the farmers' markets on Saturday morning and I let them choose an ingredient we could find a recipe for. We ended up with some pumpkin, some little new potatoes and zucchini at an excellent price. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but the familiar seemed to calm them.

A week without meat

edition would be a meat free one. I felt as though I was betraying a lover, particularly given there's a sausage at said butcher's with my name on it.

Serves 4

I don't think vegetables will ever become the mainstay of our cooking, but we're certainly looking at vegetables, the flavours, the combinations and the potential in a completely different way.

Recipe extract River Cottage Veg Everyday!

As Fearnley Whittingstall says in the introduction to Veg Everyday!, the aim of the book is "to persuade you to eat more vegetables. Many more vegetables. Perhaps even to make veg the mainstay of your daily cooking."

A decent, ready made pesto would work here, but the dish is taken to a whole new level if you make your own. I've used a combination of basil and parsley for the pesto but you can use all basil or all parsley if you prefer.300g new potatoes

This is a traditional Ligurian pasta dish: substantial but not as heavy as you might think. The green olives are authentic, but you can easily leave them out; I often do.

Recipes below from: Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's River Cottage Veg Everyday! Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011.

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Nike Mens Sweatshirts

I also used the lure of the barbecue as a selling point. Ross Dobson, one of my favourite cooks when it comes to the grill, has a vegetarian version in his Fired Up series. As well as salads and sides, there is plenty of substantial fare. All filling enough as a meal.

Luckily, or so I'm sure he thought, my husband was Nike Mens Sweatshirts away for a few nights in the middle of it. The kids are a little more tied to my apron strings when it comes to dinner options. They'd have to eat what I served them.

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But there are plenty of stand alone dishes I had been yearning to try. I knew the kids wouldn't balk at a spinach, penne and cheese souffle, pasta with new potatoes, green beans and pesto, macaroni peas. Anything that had pasta and cheese in it would be a winner. And they all were. Leftovers of the pesto dish went into the freezer and made a comeback once the week was over, boosted with some shredded barbecue chicken for a quick midweek meal.

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