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Colette's hair remained dark and glossy just like her father's and her huge expressive eyes were the colour of dark almonds. She was as pretty as a picture and adored by everyone who saw her.

I worried about her safety but Colette gently reminded me that this would be exactly the environment that she would be asked to work in when she became a nurse. However, when she returned home after her first day, she seemed somewhat down in the mouth.

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It was meant to protect me from the horror of our reality and to give me time to adjust to the news that I would never see my lovely Colette ever again.

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I knew my daughter was dead before my son had even made it through the front door. When Mark and [Jacqui's stepfather] Ron pulled up in the car outside, I instinctively rose from the armchair where I had been sitting.

Colette was 15 years old and three more years seemed like a lifetime away to her. She was heartbroken but she also didn't want to wait.

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How I have wanted to pluck Colette from it and pull her back into my arms. I have held it to my heart countless times. It is my most treasured possession.

December, 1983: Hutchinson writes a letter to police, goading them about how he would never be caught.

He goes to the Generous Briton pub in Costock, about three miles away. He orders a soft drink and a sandwich and washes his bloody hands in the toilets.

Tony came back into the room. We smiled as Colette nestled peacefully in my arms. Her warm little body rested against my heart, linked together forever by an invisible chain of love.

Little did I know then that this was to be the last ever photograph taken of my beautiful daughter and one that I would treasure during the long torturous years that followed.

6.20pm to 6.40pm: The Fiesta twice passes a lone girl walking between Villa Road and Mount Pleasant, Keyworth, following her the second time. The car is also spotted at the corner of Fairway.

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8pm: Colette Aram leaves home for the 10 minute walk to her boyfriend's house on Nicker Hill.

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We'd protected her all her life: she was her father's little princess, Mark's wonderful younger sister and my angel an extension of me she held my heart and soul in her hands. Colette brought a bright, warm and wonderful light into our lives. Unbeknown to us, that vibrant light was about to be extinguished.

A scream came from deep within me and it didn't stop. I saw Tony and my mother their lips were moving but the only sound I could hear was my own desperate screams.

A scream came from deep within Nike Pullover Hoodie White me and it did not stop

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Nike Pullover Hoodie White

October 31, 1983: Colette's body is discovered after family, friends and police search for her

As I did so, I saw the policeman shaking his head sadly, looking towards the house. I knew in that instant that my beautiful Colette had gone.

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At 16, Colette was a child in a growing woman's body. She held the innocence and untarnished optimism of a child. She'd spent her entire life surrounded by love and she in turn loved those who surrounded her. She'd never been exposed to violence or horror and trusted others she thought everyone was as lovely and pure as she was. She loved Nike Hoodie 2017

'If I can't be a nurse, then I'll try my second option,' she announced.

10.40pm: The car is parked opposite 85 Mount Pleasant, close to where it had been spotted five or six hours earlier.

of drug induced numbness continued to keep me in a blurry, semi detached haze for around ten days.

My screams didn't stop until the doctor arrived with a couple of needles. He'd come to inject me with a tranquilliser. My eyes glazed over, a kind of numb relief came over me. Zombie like, I was led to bed, where I stayed for the rest of the day until the effects of the drug wore off. Then I was injected again, and again.

life and, in turn, it loved her back.

Then Mum picked up the phone and began to dial a number.

Colette had it in her mind to become a nurse. She was such a caring girl so it was a natural progression for her to want to do such a worthy job. She spoke to her teacher at school and was sent on work experience at Saxondale Hospital, just outside Nottingham. In those days, it was a mixed hospital but it also had a psychiatric unit, which treated people who had suffered nervous breakdowns.

8.10pm: Screams are heard and Colette is abducted. Hutchinson sexually assaults and murders her in the Fiesta before dumping her body in a field off Thurlby Lane.

it?' I asked.

'What's the matter, love? Didn't you enjoy Nike Windrunner Green

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Colette shook her head sadly. 'No it's not that, Mum, I loved it, but I've been told that I can't study to become a nurse until I'm at least 18.'

As they grew, Mark and Colette remained as close as the day she was born. Mark was always very protective of his little sister. It was as though he saw it as his job to look after her to keep her from harm. They would walk to the local primary school holding hands, Mark guiding Colette every step of the way.

Colette momentarily looked up; Mark pressed the button and the shutter snapped shut. There she was happy and smiling, frozen in time, frozen in that moment forever and ever.

9.40pm: The Ford Fiesta is seen driving from Bunny Lane through the Square in Keyworth.

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