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Beware the Denominator Effect The properties that by and large populated the top of my spreadsheet, based on Return on Cash Flow, were not properties I would want to invest in. Again, in general, they looked really good because they were very cheap. They were really cheap because they were in bad condition or located in a bad area or most often both.

Between new jobs, getting married, having kids, not to mention the financial crisis, our first real estate investment remained our only real estate investment until 2013. After looking at the steady income our original investment had produced and depressed state of real estate prices, we decided to again Nike Windrunner Red And Orange

"try" to make additional real estate investments beginning in 2012. Only now I was looking at Denver, Chicago and Cincinnati.

Focus I was able to quickly see that, in general, the projected returns for a buy and hold investment were much better for 4 units and higher, so I could spend the majority of my time analyzing those properties. It also revealed that the "good" areas which I was most familiar with generally did not produce a great projected return. Again, I was able to narrow the number of areas I was devoting time to looking at.

Nike Pullovers Womens

Realistic Expectations When you see 100 or so potential investment properties lined up, it really helps frame what you should expect to earn on your investment.

A Spreadsheet Jump Started My Investing

System for Analysis The spreadsheet allows me to look at any Nike Pullovers Womens property types, in any area, and come up with a quick comparison versus what else is available in the market. After looking at the numbers, we were able to arrive at a rule of thumb that we needed a property Gross Rent Multiple of 5x (price equal to or less than 5 times the annual gross rent).

Nike Pullovers Womens

Nike Pullovers Womens

Market Knowledge Looking at and entering data for 100 or so MLS listings forced me to get to know the market. It really gave me an idea of what types of buildings were in different areas and how desirable those areas might be for renters.

I needed some way to figure out what I should be focusing on and what my expectations should be for any investment. I went through the MLS and entered the: Address, of Units, Asking Price, Gross Rent and Expenses for 75 to 100 properties. I set up the spread sheet to calculate a number of other numbers based on various inputs. I could then sort this list on whatever factor was important to me. I always focus on Return on Cash. We purchased three multi families in 2103 and have another one currently under contract and this spreadsheet has been an integral part of the decision to purchase all of them. Here is how it helped me:

Life changing events: getting married, having kids, putting together a spreadsheet. Maybe the last one does not fall into the category of life changing events but it absolutely helped me get on track to building an income producing real estate Tracksuits Nike Mens

I finally realized that looking at all property types, in three large metro areas, was not the recipe for getting something done but rather a great way to waste a lot of time. Given we already had an investment in Cincinnati, knew how it had performed and Cincinnati had the lowest prices of the three cities, we decided to make that our focus. I still had the problem of what property type to focus on, what areas to look at, what could I expect make on my investment? This is where the spreadsheet comes in.

A spreadsheet can't tell you everything but for me it was a key to getting us focused and formalizing a process for Nike Windrunner Women's Maroon

I started "trying" to invest in real estate in 2007. My brother and I were going to try to fix and flip houses in the Denver area. I lived in Chicago so the plan was for him to oversee everything and I would provide the capital. We were looking at all types of properties, in different areas, and I was analyzing them one at a time. Around this same time, a friend in Cincinnati came to us with two multi family properties he had under contract but needed money to close. After some discussion and analysis, we decided to become partners with him on the two properties and made our first real estate investment in 2007.

Nike Pullovers Womens

Nike Pullovers Womens

Nike Pullovers Womens

Nike Pullovers Womens

Nike Pullovers Womens

portfolio and I will explain why.

evaluating investments. I continue to add properties to list and have around 150 in there at present. I also periodically go back and update the numbers to reflect what properties sold for so we have a good idea about what other investors are achieving.

Nike Pullovers Womens

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