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"We wanted to mark our 80th anniversary in a fitting way, and what better way than for Britain's most romantic sweet to pay tribute to one of Britain's most loved up couples?

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in a small factory in London.

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

And, from the end of this year, every product manufactured by the firm will also be free from artificial colourings.

In fact, Swizzels Matlow's product range reads like a Who's Who of confectionery and includes brands such as Drumsticks, New Refreshers, Rainbow Drops, Double Lollies, Fun Gums and Parma Violets among many more.

"Since their launch in the 1950s, more than 700m packets of Love Hearts have been sold and the future has never looked better."

Anyone visiting the factory which was first used to manufacture wicks for candle makers when it was built 200 years ago is struck first by the sheer variety of wonderful aromas encountered as you move from one department to the next.

It is extremely rare for Swizzles Matlow to produce a bespoke series of Love Hearts the last one was produced for Prince William's 21st birthday in 2003.

In 1933, the two brothers joined forces with David Dee to form Swizzels

44m turnover company than these iconic fizzy sweets.

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

A sweet way to celebrate

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

But Swizzels Matlow

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

When the celebrity couple get married later this month they will present their wedding Nike Hoodie Orange

And Brian firmly believes that despite rising costs and people's increased awareness of obesity, Swizzels Matlow's future has never looked better. "Children love our product range, and we have one of the largest market shares for youngsters who are aged between four and 14," he said.

Director Andrew Matlow, grandson of the company's founder Alfred, said that it was something he wanted to do despite being a ardent Manchester City"2008 is a significant milestone in the history of Swizzels Matlow which, over the last 80 years, has become one of the most successful and best loved confectionery manufacturers in the UK," he said.

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

"Despite the size of the project, we believe that re formulating our entire product portfolio to non artificial colours will be beneficial to all concerned, and as such it is now our stated goal that by the end of 2008 all Swizzels Matlow products will be free from artificial colours."

factory premises in east London, and in 1940 both companies having been subjected to the effects of the Blitz evacuated to the disused mill in New Mills where the company remains today.

Over the past eight decades, the business has manufactured in excess of 80bn packets of sweets.

The firm's products can be split into two kinds those made with dried powders and those that are manufactured using dissolved solids such as sugar or glucose.

"On the back of strong growth in 2007, Swizzels Matlow is investing a significant amount of time and resources into ensuring that 2008 follows a similar path," said purchasing director Brian Dee, 62, who is also the son of one of Swizzels Matlow's founders, David Dee.

Few get the opportunity to witness their own Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie names immortalised across the middle of a Love Heart where such timeless messages as I love you,' Be mine' and Be my icon' normally reside.

"For over two years, Swizzels Matlow has been investigating the use of non artificial colours within our family of brands this has been an enormous task with in excess of 250 products within our home trade range.

guests with the personalised sweets which will simply read Wayne and Coleen' to commemorate their special day.

But there's far more to this Nike Sweaters Windbreaker

Today, Love Hearts are one of Swizzels Matlow's most popular products, and Andrew regularly gets asked permission to grant a licence for the products to appear on products as diverse as curtains, cosmetics and greeting cards.

There's something strangely hypnotic about the rhythmical sound of several hundreds of lollies, chew bars and sweets being efficiently manufactured each minute.

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

More than 600 staff are actively involved in the highly sophisticated production process, which at certain times of year, including Hallowe'en and Christmas, takes place round the clock.

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

"Our products are intended as a treat to be enjoyed a couple of times a day as part of a healthy diet and we always advocate that children clean their teeth twice a day, too.

Swizzels Matlow's foundations were laid back in 1928, when Alfred and Maurice Matlow started Matlow Bros

Nike Red Tech Fleece Hoodie

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