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a scary totalitarian futureTo put it into perspective, more people die walking across roads in the US every year than died from terrorism in 2001. Most years other than 2001, the difference between them is staggering. The Freakonomics guys even did a podcast on how to commit the perfect murder, where the method was killing the person with a car.

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power are not subject to surveillance, and those without having every Nike Sb Hoodie Grey detail of their lives recorded. The point is not that they can. The point is that they believe they can.2. Historically, there was always a place to hide to carry out nefarious activities.

As a juxtaposition, compare this with an actual quote from a 2005 speech by Bush:"We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. Imagine if you use their near death as a reason to to be hyper vigilant against future bee stings. It unsustainable and outright dangerous. That is, of course, unless you own a business selling anti boogeyman traps.

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A Surveillance State Beyond Imagination Is Being Created

The reason death tools are worthwhile to mention is that putting things into perspective reduces the psychological impact. If more people were immune to the psychological impact, terrorism as a whole would have far less influence.

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The means of the state are not endless. States carry an obligation to make rational use of their means to macimize the benefit for their citizens. The argument is not that terrorist strikes do not deserve deterrence or punishment, it that the war on terror is inappropriate in its scale, because the same means could have achieved much more good for the american people when put (mostly) to other uses.

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terrorism is not anywhere near a big enough threat to justify the counter measures, loss of privacy , freedom and the threat of Nike Tech Fleece Crew Women's

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Comparing death tolls is a facetious argument. DC ground to a halt during the sniper shootings even though he killed just a handful of people. If we ignore the difference between accidents and malicious acts, and the deterrent effect involved, you can probably make a case that its not worthwhile to enforce criminal laws at all.

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It interesting to me how my perspective is changing on these issues as years go by and I have time to think about it. One troublesome point is the role democracy is playing in all this. This harks back to some earlier Chomsky ideas about "Manufacturing Consent."From my (removed, I am not American) perspective, it seems ridiculously obvious that terrorism is not anywhere near a big enough threat to justify the counter measures, loss of privacy , freedom and the threat of a scary totalitarian future. In the US I think a lot of the attention has been on the actual part. Some act which is similar to phone tapping, intercepting letters or rummaging through your drawers. Things like PRISM. This is the part that has a history of legislation related to it. I think I see a parallel between digital surveillance and file sharing. The way they look screams techno dystopia. I was thinking about super HD panoramic cameras placed strategically around a city. I can easily imagine the tech being widely available. That means everything will be recorded and stored Nike Dri Fit Jacket Black

I think such a defeatist attitude will inevitably lead to a scenario where those in Nike Hoodie For Kids

like emails. He seems to think of these issues in political legal terms. Trying to shut down this kind of surveillance is like Disney trying to shut down BitTorrent, if Disney didn have any money.

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