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Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

At first it was over what technology is available now (a topic I am not versed in by any means), but then moved into a talk on how people are so busy and distant from each other. At first I thought 'of course, this is New York" ( a little prejudiced I guess) but he told me he's lived in New York for many years. I believe he had Jamaican roots. Our conversation never got into spiritual things but his presence with me was a reminder of the Holy Spirit who welcomes, engages and makes me aware of the important things.

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

a l i v e a w a k e

New York

The two mornings I was in New York, I would go for an early morning bike ride through Central Park (5am) and then I went to a local Starbucks at Broadway and Central Parkway (Columbus Circle) for a coffee and atmosphere. I like people watching, and I got a lot of time to do this on this retreat especially at this Starbucks.

I had a battery powered headlight that sat on my handlebars so I could bike at night. I had gotten up that morning at five to ride in central park and once the day got light enough, I forgot it was on. This man saved my battery!

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I love to take long road trips. Especially to places I haven't been before. One of the 'bucket list' trips I wanted to take was to New York City. It's not just because of all the media attention that I wanted to go, but something really appealed to me about being in a huge city and feeling small and anonymous. I took my bike down and decided to bike all around Manhattan Island. I planned on this trip to be a 2 3 day silent retreat which only heightened the sense of noise, people and aliveness of the city. I stayed in hostels took in some of the tourist sites and sat in silence for hours at a time (Rockefeller, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Central Park, Time Square, Art museum).

One of the first things I notice walking into this smaller, very busy coffee shop with a very long line up, and everyone seemed quite content to be slowed down at 7:30 in the morning in New York! No one complained, no one yelled out "can we get another Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top person working behind the counter to speed things up?" (which I have seen many times in Canada) Also as I grabbed a seat by the window beside a man, he smiled, welcomed me, and even moved his stuff a little over to give me room even though I had tons of room to sit. That same man even struck up a conversation with me about computers (which I had pulled out) and life. (yes this broke my silent retreat, but worth it)

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

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Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

I also tend to be pretty shy when it comes to meeting people, especially in large group contexts. So my position is usually let others lead and initiate most conversations. This man took that in a way that was safe and engaging (yes I thought I was being set up for something for a split second J, but there was such a disarming genuineness in his eyes)

Later I saw a man who would typically be called 'homeless' standing near my bike. He was paying special attention to it as he smoked and I was glad at that moment I locked it up(not that my bike draws special attention). He walked over to it, leaned over it and fidgeted with it for a sec. I felt like I had to run out (thinking he had wirecutters ) and felt the lump in my gut of a very possible confrontation. As I stood, I could see more clearly that he was actually turning my headlight off.

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I did finally get up and went Nike Windrunner Black

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

One of the great surprises of the trip was the way people were really nice to each other. I love to people watch and I expected to hear horns honking, people swearing and yelling at each other just like the stereotypical portrayal of New York. I didn't see that though at all! What I saw were moments of generosity, grace and welcome.

to him and thanked him for such a considerate move (with a bit of humble pie to feed my prejudiced self). He said to me "oh I hate that myself on my bike so I thought to save someone else the hassle". good moment. So good trip and with all considered, I took a picture of the sun just peaking around the skyscrapers as a reminder of the dawn, a reminder of light in darkness, and considerate/welcoming/generous people in one of the busiest places in the world.

Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

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