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recognition at the state level for his paper, "The Fourth Amendment: A History of Infringement."

"He made that decision on his own, even though I have a military background," Michael Taylor said, noting he explained to his son everyone has to pay their dues in becoming a warrior, and infantry work is "the tip of the spear."

Simpson said she wanted to provide an opportunity for the community to read Taylor's paper and think about the themes discussed. "It's time to pause and reflect," Simpson said, adding Taylor's work is positive and impressive. Growing up in Cherokee County, where the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans was driven out in part because of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, spurred his interest in citizen's rights, Taylor said.

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Fourth Amendment rights in a project on display at the Woodstock Public Library, just in time for Independence Day.

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The main library in Canton made contact with the Woodstock library, and Jody Simpson, adult services coordinator at Woodstock Public Library, said she reached out to the Taylor family, asking to showcase Taylor's work because Simpson felt his research and paper tied in well with the July 4 holiday.

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Fourth Amendment on display at Library

Without the library, Taylor said he wouldn't have been able to write his paper because most of his sources came from books. He said his paper took three months to write, with research filling half his time.

The paper examines the history of the right of protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, and will be on display at the local library throughout July.

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The controversy surrounding Edward Snowden also worried Taylor around the time he was searching for a paper topic, he said.

He said he planned to enter his work in a National History Day competition, where he placed third in the region and second at the state level. Taylor traveled to the University of Maryland College Park for the national level, but did not place.

Taylor's interest in protecting American rights extends to his plans to make a career of the military. He joined JROTC during his freshman year of high school, inspired by both of his grandfather's and his father's military career.

"I was afraid we were losing our rights," he said. History class. "They're finding out that the NSA has been spying on citizens for decades without anyone knowing and no warrants and no probable cause," Taylor said. "I feel that's going back to what we were trying to get away from in the Revolutionary War. That's what the British would do just walk into a home and search it whenever they felt like it. We're moving back, not forward."

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"I thought about how the Trail of Tears originated in this area," he said. "It wasn't a big thing, even though they were Nike Sports Tracksuit legal residents or wards of the state. They had their land taken away with no just cause and were forced to move west."

"Unfortunately, I didn't win anything at nationals, but I'm planning to go again next year," Taylor said, noting the theme for next year is leadership and he is already thinking about a paper on Marine General Brute Krulak.

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A History of Infringement Rising River Ridge senior s paper on Nike Red Jacket Women's

Chris Taylor, a rising senior in the top 7 percent of his class, has already received Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens

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