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Question : What is new compared with 2012 is that NUMSA, the union of metal workers and smelter, affiliated to COSATU, jointly called steel and metal workers to down tools. It is to be noted that at the end of December 2013, during its congress NUMSA demanded that COSATU reclaim its independence from the government.

Question : You are saying that with this second tide of strikes after Marikana, "Workers, particularly mine workers are beginning to comprehend the full impact of the CODESA sell out settlement" They are the 1994 accords which officially put an end to the apartheid regime while preserving the capitalist economic domination of the white minority and of multinational companies.

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The mediator has failed to resolve the deadlock as the mining bosses still refuse to yield to the pressure mounted by the workers which has resulted in a serious confrontation between AMCU and mining companies in public. ANC, SACP and COSATU are currently mum on the matter though the department of Minerals and Energy and the ANC regime continue taking side of the imperialist mining companies which refuse to heed the workers' demands.

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Question : What is the extent of the strike?

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3) AMCU (Association of Mine and Construction workers Union) became the main union of mineworkers in 2012 during the Marikana strike after the NUM (affiliated to COSATU federation) denounced the strike and called the government to smash it. It is worth noting that since 1994, South Africa has been ruled by a "tripartite" coalition regrouping the main organisations of the movement of liberation against apartheid: ANC, South Africa Communist party and the COSATU trade union federation.


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2) The police of the tripartite government comprising the ANC, the COSATU and SACP had shot to kill the strikers, leaving at least thirty four dead miners.

The workers not only demand R12,500 entry wages in the platinum mining industry but also better working and living conditions in the residences where miners live. Indeed, in South Africa miners live in the most despicable conditions. After the so called "Marikana strike" the mining bosses Nike Sportswear Windrunner White and their imperialist handlers were forced to accept a 22% increase across the board and a mining entry level of at least R11,000 at the platinum mining sector through the October 2012 agreement, which was brutally criticised by the NUM which was at the time the biggest union in the country, affiliated to the COSATU (which was a joint member of the government). The bosses reneged from this agreement, especially at Lonm in where workers have been threatened with massive retrenchment. It is a fact that even today, they continue to extract more profits even when not even honouring the wast wage increase agreement of 22%. AMCU3 which has consistently taken forward the demand of R 12,500 since 2012 has become the leading and majority union in the platinum mining industry. To date, more than 100,000workers in this industry have heeded their call for strike forcing each one of the mining giants to lose up to 9 million dollars (over 6,600,000 euros) a day. Negotiations have deadlocked as bosses continue to offer pittance to the workers. The workers and the union have thus far stood firm on their demand. The police have already started using rubber bullets and stun grenades in their attempt to suppress workers as was the case at Khuseleka Amplats Shaft where 4,000 workers had gathered.

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NUMSA, had invited AMCU at its congress, though it was not affiliated to COSATU also joined the strike at the Amplats metal refineries ans smelters where almost 2,200 NUMSA members also downed tools in a united front for common demands with the mineworkers. NUMSA and AMCU envisaged joint action in united front for a common demand. Both union challenge the subordination of the government's policies to the bosses demands.

1) The SOPA is a party associated to the activities of the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples, which has just held its national council in the first days of February).

In the press statement of the National Council of our party which was attended by 301 delegates coming from all provinces in the country we reaffirmed that "the Black majority has still to transform the mirage of freedom into a reality. The protests that are taking place throughout the length and breadth of our country bear testimony to our assertions. Even after twenty years they remain landless, homeless, in their majority they remain unemployed and live in despicable conditions which are even very hard to describe. The Socialist Party of Azania continues to do all in its power to help our people to find real solutions to their problems. There is no doubt that the system underpinned by private ownership of the means of production has brought all these ills to our people. In our country, this system is not only responsible for class division but equally promotes racial, tribal and ethnic divisions. It continues to heap enormous advantages to white people while promoting the scourge of Black disadvantage. It is not therefore surprising that after '20 years of democracy' whites have, as a group, vacated the economic place they originally occupied under Apartheid rule and left it to only 11% of the black population, the rest, the overwhelming majority are often in places and conditions worse off than those that existed under the Apartheid regime."

strike which had been followed by a massacre on August 16 20122. Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

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Question : In fact, a few months before the general elections due in May, the ANCSACPCOSATU government decided to send a mediator to the Rustenburg mining area.

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The strike of the platinum miners is a national strike because it covers the entire platinum belt with produces up to 87% of the world's platinum It is a strike in continuation of Marikana Nike Hoodies Green

They rebuke the workers for their "counterproductive", "unreasonable" demands which "purport anarchy within the mining sector".

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