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Promise claims the R4 is capable of pushing transfer rates as high as 500MB/s, which falls well short of the bandwidth available in a single Thunderbolt port. Even the Pegasus R6's purported 900MB/s peak data rate is far from fast enough. Of course, the Pegasus relies on mechanical hard drives; our R4 came loaded with 7,200 RPM Hitachi drives, each with a terabyte of storage. Fill Nike Sb Long Sleeve Top

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Unfortunately, we don't have a matched set of four SSDs. But we did spend some time benching the Promise box on the Asus and Intel motherboards. They offer identical performance, as far as our test results show. We considered graphing the numbers, but Nike Windrunner Jackets For Men

A quick look at Thunderbolt on the PC

With two Thunderbolt equipped motherboards at our disposal, the only missing component is a compatible device. A handful of options are already on the market thanks to Apple's early entry, and more are on the way now that Windows PCs can get in on the action. Promise supplied us with its Pegasus R4, a four drive external storage device with dual Thunderbolt ports. The second port allows the Pegasus to sit in the middle of a daisy chain of devices. It can't get enough power from a standard Thunderbolt cable, though. You'll need to plug this puppy into a wall socket.

Each drive is housed in its own 3.5" sled. The sleds slide into the Pegasus with ease, and the latching mechanism that holds them in place is satisfyingly chunky. You definitely won't pop one Nike Sweater Waterproof of these out by accident.

It's not really fair to compare the two the SSD weighs in at only 256GB, while the R4 config offers nearly 3TB of redundant storage. But there is an inescapable truth: for most PC users, USB 3.0 has plenty of bandwidth for external storage.

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The Pegasus R4 has an understated metal exterior marred by a single piece of glossy black plastic. To be fair, you're not going to be handling the thing enough to leave behind a mess of smudges. I still deposited a few fingerprints on the plastic panel in the course of unboxing the Nike Coat Sale

to be honest, there's little point. The R4's performance is limited more by the mechanical hard drives within than by the Thunderbolt cable linking it to the system.

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The promise of Thunderbolt devices

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With the R4 in its default RAID 5 configuration, we just about broke 400MB/s with sequential reads and writes in IOMeter. Hitting that speed required hammering the drive with multiple concurrent I/O requests. CrystalDiskMark's sequential throughput benchmark is limited to a single I/O, and it only reached about 330MB/s. We saw similar transfer rates in FileBench, our scripted Windows file copy benchmark.

There's another thing, too. We ran the very same tests in our Z77 motherboard round up using a Samsung 830 Series SSD attached to the Z77's integrated USB 3.0 controller via a Thermaltake BlacX docking station. In CrystalDiskMark's sequential read speed test, that combo pulled up just 10MB/s short of the R4 on Thunderbolt. The gap widened in FileBench. However, in CrystalDiskMark's random I/O tests, the USB attached solid state drive was at least an order of magnitude faster than the Pegasus array.

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Nike Sweater Waterproof

Had we switched the R4 into RAID 0 mode, we probably could have hit higher speeds, at the expense of redundancy. We still would have been short of stressing the Thunderbolt link, though. The interconnect is really designed to handle multiple high bandwidth devices alongside a high resolution DisplayPort monitor.

device and setting it up next to my test rack.

Under the Pegasus' silver skin sits a PMC Sierra SoC with a Promise "enterprise level" RAID engine. The chip is designed to accelerate RAID 5 and 6 arrays, Promise says, and the Pegasus also supports the usual mix of striped and mirrored configurations. The R4 has four drives, and there's an R6 variant with six.

the Pegasus with SSDs, and it should get much faster.

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