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Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Nathan was on the computer one day when he came across the Sealed Air Corporation website. Not exactly a pulse quickening find, but its annual contest piqued his interest.

Don't ask.

And tiny bubbles became his ticket.

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

What's more, he now owns bragging rights of sorts in his own home because he outdid his brother Nathan, whose Bubble Wrap innovation earned him $3,000 last year.

His inspiration came after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti. Matthew's invention makes it easier for medical and scientific testing to be done in remote areas far from hospitals or labs.

of using the Bubble Wrap alternative.

More precisely, the St. Savings Bond for using his noodle to come up with an atypical use for the stuff.

All gave spiels about their inventions at a banquet before the awards were presented. The judges made the right choice because Matthew's concept appears to be the most workably practical.

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

He bested more than 2,500 other entrants from 40 states (the contest is open to students in grades five through eight) and joined two other finalists in New York.


He said the bacteria he was growing came along just fine in the plastic, so he decided to roll with it as his contest entry.

Nathan's entry last year a Bubble Wrap flash card system garnered him a third place Nike Windrunner All Colors

at it.

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

The Huber Nike Sweatshirt Blue brothers will retire with their winnings from the Bubble Wrap contest arena. Nathan is too old to enter and Matthew suggests that contest officials have seen enough of their domination.

Matthew, who is home schooled for a portion of his classes, was using conventional glass Petri dishes for a science experiment he was conducting at home when he hit upon the notion Nike Windrunner Silver

A touch of bubbly brings in big bucks

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Let's back up here, to last year, when this whole bubbles for bucks quest began in the Huber household.

Matthew accompanied his family to New York for his brother's award presentation and had so much fun on the mini vacation that he wanted to go back.

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

The other finalists' inventions: an unwieldy looking device that attaches to a toilet to conserve water and a "Fridge Guard," which is simply a Bubble Wrap curtain attached inside a refrigerator to keep it cool when the refrigerator door is open.

Sealed Air has been making Bubble Wrap since the 1960s and has sponsored the contest for four years, largely as a means of getting some free publicity for a product otherwise so mundane that one could fall asleep looking Nike Jogger Suit

Nike Sweatshirt Blue

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