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The district is also still discussing with TransLink the long term goal of having a West Coast Express station in Albion, possibly near the former ferry terminal.

With issues crystallizing on the north side of Lougheed Highway, the future could also be firming up on the south side of Lougheed Highway.

Daykin admits there remain many obstacles, such as working out the land swap with Smart Centres.

Country Fest organizer Lorraine Bates welcomes the move, saying it will put the fair closer to the Lougheed Highway, giving it more visibility.

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A new future unfolds for Albion

"I think there's a lot of progress being made. We have a decision, so we're moving forward with our plans."

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"We don't need a 150 acre mall. The market will determine what it will bear," Daykin said.

While it's taken a long time to get to this point, "it doesn't mean we have to accept anything.

Smart Centres has also said a new building, large enough to include exhibit space the Country Fest will lose at Planet Ice, will be part of the deal.

That land includes the 17 acres the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association leases for its annual Country Fest. If achieved, Smart Centres would have least 27 acres for mall development, east of 105th Nike Purple Jacket

With the Agricultural Land Commission's rejection this summer of two exclusion applications on the west side of 105th Avenue, the District of Maple Ridge is now focusing on the east side, which the commission has tacitly OK'd for development providing conditions are met.

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But the swap would have to factor in all the costs to the district, in the difference in land value, the costs of drainage and road improvements.

"I think people now realize, gee, the ALC has had a huge part to play in this."

Maple Ridge still has to figure out a way of fixing the drainage, and addressing soil contamination, to restore the soil on the west side of 105th Avenue for future farming, before putting in its own block exclusion application, allowing the east side to be pulled from the reserve.

Avenue, near the Lougheed Highway.

Talks are still underway, said Sandra Kaiser, with Smart Centres in its Toronto office. She hoped the company could file an application for non farm use of its property with the land commission, allowing the fair to operate, "in the coming months."

"You can dress up some tilt up walls."

Specific drawings and plans for the project remains along way off, but Daykin has said repeatedly Tracksuits Nike Womens

"We now have a direction to move forward," said public works general manager Frank Quinn.

If Maple Ridge's drainage and soil remediation plans satisfy the land commission, turn around time for ALC approval could be from three months to a year.

Next week, council considers what business owners in the Albion Industrial Area want, part of the commercial and industrial strategy that's underway.

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Centres wants to give the district its 20 acres, in return for the district's land on the east side of 105th Avenue.

"The intent is that it would be even at the end of the day," said public works general manager Frank Quinn. Consultants GP Rollo and Associates is helping the district in the bargaining.

He expects that residential uses on the flats remain outside the plans, pointing out it is in flood plain.

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Plans until now have been for a mix of uses, recreational, light industrial and retail for the 150 acres that lie between 105th Avenue and 240th Street, with a mall taking up just a portion of that and serving as a catalyst for other projects.

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he doesn't want a "tilt up mall," referring to big box stores, although he concedes most Nike Sweatshirt Half Zip buildings are built that way, with concrete walls poured then tilted up to make a box.

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The development company currently owns 20 acres on the west side of 105th Avenue, fronting Lougheed Highway, and 10 acres on the east side, also along the highway.

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Maple Ridge is also looking at better road access to the industrial area, by improving the intersections at either end or by constructing an overpass.

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