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Scally was brought up in a damp maisonette in Hulme where "me and my brother used to put milk down for the cockroaches. They were pets". He was "the original juvenile delinquent", ending up in care where he Nike Tracksuit Maroon

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Scally agonised over a host of hidden meanings in an advert for Club biscuits, and in one of the book's darkly comic moments he describes ringing biscuit manufacturer Jacob's, in front of bemused workmates, saying: "Yes, I like a lot of chocolate on my biscuit, can I join your club?"

It is Scally's eloquent insider's view that has made Eyebrows And Other Fish essential reading for mental health professionals. His symptoms began with him noticing advertising messages, wondering whether they carried information for those "in the know".

He is sensitive to news bulletins and no longer worships at church because "I could not have a relationship with God because I was scared where it was going". Contrary to common ideas of schizophrenia, Scally has never personally heard "voices".

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"Mental illness happens in episodes; people forget that," says Scally.

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"People are committing terrible crimes all the time, but when somebody diagnosed with a mental illness, particularly schizophrenia, commits a crime, it is seen as the reason, or a symptom of, the illness," he says.

Now 42, he lives on disability benefits, was divorced from his wife in 2004 and has five children from three relationships. On the prospect of romance, he says: "At what point do you tell the new Miss Right that you've been diagnosed with schizophrenia?"

doesn't sit well. It takes people out of their comfort zone."

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"The Jehovah's Witnesses walk straight past and who can blame them?" he says.

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Eventually, he learned to consign these thoughts to what he calls his "KISAMO box" keep it separate and move on. Only when the lid came off the box in his mind did he need to be re admitted to hospital.

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"The media is such a powerful thing.

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Still on a regime of medication, Scally say he suffers what a psychiatrist may call "breakthrough symptoms".

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YOU know Anthony Scally has a sense of humour even before you clap eyes on him. On the path to the front door of his home in Nike Sweatshirt Purple Wythenshawe, the outline of a body is painted in white, crime scene style.

He began to campaign to alter our perception of people with mental illness.

"I've got a different way of thinking to most. I accept that, to the rest of the world, I have mental health issues," he says.

That Scally has written one of the few books ever written from the perspective of someone living with his illness is remarkable enough. That he has made it both moving and, at times, grittily amusing makes it unique.

was sexually abused by a housemaster.

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Then he started to notice car registration numbers, drawing elaborate conclusions about what they and the car's colours said about the owners. The obsession spread to the colours of front doors and clothes. He settled on orange as a safe colour. One room of his home still features orange heavily.

his tidy and intriguingly stylish flat, the wall of the bathroom bears a photograph of the startled face of actress Janet Leigh, about to meet her fate in the movie Psycho. In the lounge, pride of place goes to a poster of Edvard Munch's The Scream art's most potent image of distress.

Also crowding in on his thoughts were suspicions that his wife was having an affair, international events such as the Gulf War and fears that someone was trying to poison him.

"There's still uncertainty about what causes schizophrenia, whether it's biological, environmental or whether it's to do with drug use," says Scally. "I smoked cannabis, but not in great quantities."

A tale to raise the eyebrows

Scally's book, Eyebrows And Other Fish, began as a cathartic, self published work in 2006, but was taken up by a publisher and re launched in October last year. The book tells how Scally began to encounter symptoms in 1990 and how, over the next 13 years, he was sectioned three times.

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"That's something about the book that makes it different a paranoid schizophrenic with a sense of humour," he says. "It Nike Windrunner Blue And Grey

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