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A smoky kraut to honor the Krauts

Uncover the grill, stir up the Nike Jacket Just Do It

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

Serve with bratwurst, potato salad or maybe a good hunk Nike Sweatshirt Womens of bread and copious amounts of beer. Hope that Altidore hamstring holds up and that Portugal and Ghana play to a draw.

cabbage and add more wine if necessary. You want a shallow layer in the bottom of the pot. Replace the grill cover and cook for another 20 to 25 minutes.

so and add the cabbage, stirring to mix with the onion and coat lightly with the butter mustard mixture. Add generous splashes of wine and vinegar, bring to a simmer, drop the heat and cover.

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

is playing, I tailor my World Cup meals to our opponents. We play Germany Thursday, so that means pork, cabbage and smoke.

Smoked Red Cabbage

Dry mustard (1 2 tablespoons)

The easy way is so simple I can be bothered to type out a recipe. Open a package of sauerkraut, pour it into a cast iron pan and place on the cool side of a smoky fire, as if for barbecue, for 45 minutes, stirring it up about halfway through.

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

(Otter Creek used to make my favorite smoked beer. A long, long time ago their fall seasonal was a hickory switch smoked amber ale. I once asked their CEO if I would ever see it again. He laughed and said you the one who was drinking it. smoky beer braised cabbage was off the table, at least for this week.

mustard and stir in. Cook for another minute or Nike Windrunner Green Blue

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

While I used cast iron for these dishes, next time, I may buy some of those disposable foil pie tins instead. I found getting the smoky scent out of the cast iron involved a great deal of rinsing and scrubbing.

Half a head of red cabbage

While the fire is getting started, sweat the onion in a generous amount of butter, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Rice vinegarStart a fire well over to one side of your grill.

I was going to try this three different ways, but one of them fell apart for logistical reasons. I wanted to try avoiding the grill altogether by braising the cabbage in rauchbier, a German beer made with smoked malt. Terrill Street has carried rauchbier before, but not on Saturday.

1 red onion, halved, peeled and thinly sliced

White wine

Salt and pepper to taste

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

When the fire is ready, add the woodchips and place the pan of cabbage, uncovered, on the cooler side of the grill. Cover the grill, leave the vents one quarter open and cook for 20 25 minutes.

Bratwurst and sauerkraut are a classic combination, but do not satisfy my creative urges. Toward that end, I set out to find a way to make smoked sauerkraut. All the jokes I can think to make about the prominence of smoke in German cuisine are far too tasteless for my editors.

As the onion cooks, slice the cabbage in half lengthwise, so you have two quarters, core it and slice it as thinly as you can.

Nike Sweatshirt Womens

Once the cabbage is done, it easy enough to throw another handful of charcoal on the fire and grill the bratwurst.

That left me with two approaches, which I will call the easy way and the hard way.

When the onions are nice and soft, add the Nike Hoodie With Thumb Holes Mens

The hard way is a little more involved, but not by much. Red cabbage, with some onion and powdered mustard, is started off on the stovetop, cooking in wine and vinegar and then finished on the grill. Make sure you have some heavy duty potholders for handling all this.

This is, properly speaking, braised cabbage rather than sauerkraut, as proper sauerkraut involves fermentation. Give your guests a few beers and don tell them how you made it and it shouldn be an issue.

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