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After about 10 15 plays, my last 3 games were:Valuation: 312,057,919 Cash: 1,228,670 Ending: Nike Sweatshirts Still in BusinessValuation: 168,777,006 Cash: 949,141 Ending: Bootstrapped (was trying for this one)Valuation: 788,748,152 Cash: 1,257,966 Ending: Still In Business (http: I did was (roughly):

how the hell am i supposed to make money!?I just keep bleeding cash no matter what I spend my time on

It using Agile methodology. The problem is likely with you ;).

The instructions were cut off for me. screen on my machine is only 13"

Only seen the "pushed out by board" ending. picky bastards.

FWIW I did a lemonade stand as a kid and charged $.05 per glass. We could not have charged $1 we tested the price elasticity of demand. It stressful to land on a page with a countdown to start and no idea how it works or what I need to do. I Nike Sweatshirt Red

taiki 120 days ago link

soneca 120 days ago link

time. I wanted the extra marketing from the other things, not the money. Equity be damned! (Damn that "second life" cart, it steals m As does the salmon one too. On my $788M run, the last day was 29c "sunny with clouds"

ckluis 120 days ago link

Nike Sweatshirts

teejaygreen 120 days ago link

Focus on more sales.

OP here, we developed this game over the weekend for Toronto Game Jam and I thought the Hacker News community would appreciate the subject matter. There a total of 7 endings and one involves getting acquired by Juicebook. See if you can figure it out :D

harvestmoon 120 days ago link

Nike Sweatshirts

I can read the instructions either, and the keyboard shortcuts don seem to work. I had limited time for browser sizing during the jam but it does respond if you size down your browser a little bit to fit 1024 X 675 approximately.

Nike Sweatshirts

couldn scroll down to the instructions or forecast. Other than that the interface is pretty slick. Good luck!

disdev 120 days ago link

Nike Sweatshirts

I think that kind of the point.

Left the Nike Hoodies Grey

Nike Sweatshirts

Nike Sweatshirts

taiki 120 days ago link

price at $1.5 nearly the whole Nike Windrunner White And Grey

A satire simulator game

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Nike Sweatshirts

Nike Sweatshirts

Nike Sweatshirts

Nike Sweatshirts

Nike Sweatshirts

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