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Public Works Director Stephen Corbitt said city workers are taking down old and redundant signs and are trying to consolidate remaining signs onto the least amount of poles possible.

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There are several other areas in town that have also be targeted for cleanup, including the old Tannery Nike Jacket Windbreaker

Recent visitors to Ashland's City Building likely have noticed some changes.

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The City Building isn't the only place in town getting some additional attention. An initiative to declutter some of Ashland's street corners of signs is also under way.

"When new leadership comes in like that they see things differently and in this case I think Mr. Robertson with his military background is used to keeping things in tip top shape. he's making some recommendations and moving forward," he said.

"Once the work is done in the spring we need to think through where is Nike Windrunner Women's

Mayor Steve Gilmore said the building is finally getting "attention that has been needed for years and years. I think everything looks much more presentable for our citizens."

'A showplace of Ashland'

the historical bell in front of the building has been removed.

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"You only get one opportunity to make one good impression," he said. "If you are a new business we only have one shot."

property. City officials have been working with the owner to remove some of the debris piles and control the overgrowth.

Robertson said it is being refurbished and may be placed somewhere else when it returns.

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Other areas of the city have also received some much needed attention since Robertson joined the city in August.

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The improvements to the City Building are meant to complement efforts to draw new businesses and development to Ashland.

"If they see unnecessary signs or poles without signs let us know," he said.

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the optimal place for the most citizens to enjoy it," he said.

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The property around the bridges has been cleaned up and a city pump station on Floyd Street has been repainted and there are plans to resurface the access road and landscape the area around it, Robertson said.

Robertson said more than 100 signs have been eliminated or consolidated so far. "And that's just a start," he said. He said city officials are also asking residents for help.

The city's headquarters is receiving an internal and external facelift. So far the walls have been painted, carpeting has been installed, a Kentucky flag and an American flag have been installed at the front entrance and Ashland's official logo adorns some of the building's doors.

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"We're really starting a campaign to eliminate some of the visual clutter we have kind of become accustomed to," Robertson said.

Gilmore said Robertson's efforts and attributed some of the efforts to having a fresh set of eyes looking at the city.

"There are several pieces of property we've earmarked that we, being the community, have probably become a little complacent with," Robertson said.

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Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner Green

New waiting area furniture, drapes Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner Green and additional artwork are also among the changes being made. There are also plans to power wash the facade and paint the Kentucky seal on an interior wall.

City Manager Randy Robertson said the idea is "to make the city building the showplace of Ashland. Taxpayers' money is not being spent frivolously, he said.

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