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is no reason you cannot continue to enjoy your favourite hobbies and activities, participate in family activities, do volunteer work, or travel," Woodrow said. "Indeed the challenges of vision loss are consistently overcome each day by individuals who have chosen to participate fully in society."

His vision fluctuates, depending on the day, he said, and he is light sensitive.

After visiting many doctors and specialists within and outside the province Nike Windrunner Jacket

Nike Tracksuit Boys

"The most common ones you hear when people are talking about vision loss are fear, shock, denial, anger and depression," he said. "Fear because vision is our most dominate sense, in addition to equating a loss of vision with a loss of independence, a loss of self worth and self esteem."

"I am diagnosed as legally and medically blind."

After shock, there's the denial stage. This is actually referred to as a coping mechanism that the body physiologically has created to help adjust through stressful times, he said.

A sighted person will also go through a stage of shock, he said, when the brain seems to just stop gathering information and get stuck in time.

His vision loss, he explained, results from the death of cells in the optic nerve, which relays visual information from the eyes to the brain.

Nike Tracksuit Boys

Nike Tracksuit Boys

"Usually people have macular degeneration or cataracts, and mine is of an unknown origin," he said. "What caused it, we don't know. Over time, vision in both eyes worsened with a severe loss of sharpness (visual acuity) and colour vision."

Having been diagnosed with visual impairment and short term memory loss, Nike Tracksuit Boys it was necessary to develop strategies to cope, he said, adding blindness affects personal life in many ways.

Nike Tracksuit Boys

"Additionally I began to develop a chronic disorder that affects the brain, resulting in short term memory loss, referred to as dementia or the first stages of Alzheimer's disease," Woodrow said.

Nike Tracksuit Boys

What he hasn't been able to find out is what caused this unusual condition. There's not a lot of background material on that, he said.

"Although central vision gradually improves in a small percentage of cases, in my circumstance, the vision loss was profound and permanent," he said. "You can't repair the veins, and you can't repair the blood vessels.

"Anger begins when you are no longer able to do things like writing cheques, cleaning, cooking, driving and especially when someone has to do everything for Nike Jacket For Men 2017

Furthermore, blind people can have difficulty interacting with their environment, Woodrow said.

A journey into the world of blindness

Nike Tracksuit Boys

"Much of how people communicate is through the use of visual symbols. We depend on what we see to warn us of danger, to provide direction and to interact with people," he said. "The blind person is often placed in a situation of being excluded from these symbols, which cuts them off from a portion of the world."

"I try to use whatever remaining vision I have to live an active, healthy, fulfilling life," Woodrow said. "Living independently at home is high on my list."

Nike Tracksuit Boys

This condition mainly affected his central vision, which is needed for detailed tasks such as reading, driving and recognizing faces.

Nike Tracksuit Boys

Sometimes, if he is looking at something, his sight only focuses in on a certain area.

In addition to vision loss, Woodrow experienced issues including movement disorders, tremors, and abnormalities of the electrical signals that control the heartbeat cardiac conduction defects.

"So what I see in the daytime is like fog," Woodrow said. "I can look at you and I can see parts of you, but it's just sort of like a shadow in a fog."

"If you are willing to make adjustments, there Nike Grey Tracksuit

"Many things that sighted people take for granted are more difficult for the blind, such as socializing," Woodrow said.

Depression is something that also follows anger," Woodrow said. "Again this is a normal reaction to vision loss especially when you're no longer able to do little things for yourself. That can take away a lot, especially for people who were very independent.

Nike Tracksuit Boys

Nike Tracksuit Boys

"Blind people are often restricted in their ability to interact socially. There can be an apprehension or awkwardness on the part of sighted people when dealing with the blind, which can lead to difficulty for the blind in developing relationships. As a result, they are often relegated to specific roles in society and are usually held to lower standards and expectations."

many tests and his own research, Woodrow learned LHON is an uncommon inherited form of vision loss that leads to blindness and, for reasons unknown, affects males more often than females.

Woodrow said there are a number of daily disadvantages of being blind, such as difficulty with moving around, especially in a new environment.

He also saids it's important to develop useful techniques and use special equipment to accomplish many everyday household needs including personal needs, getting around safely indoors and out, reading and writing, home and kitchen safety, eating and so on.


There are certain emotions that you tend to come up with consistently and they tend to be very similar, Woodrow said.

Nike Tracksuit Boys

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