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"The story is about how a beautiful house (El Cerrito) was built in Caracas in the 1950s," said Burucua. The Plancharts gave Ponti carte blanche to design their estate overlooking the Venezuelan capital, and the Italian planned everything from the hinges on the doors to the dinnerware in the kitchen.

As Caracas' beautiful cityscape developed, it was not only shaped by the city's economic success, but also by some of the most influential architects of the era. They were drawn there thanks in part to Armando and Ana Luisa Nike White Tracksuit

Nike Tracksuit Red

"It's about architecture, it's about history, it's about Venezuela, it's about a lot Nike Tracksuit Red of things," said Bello, a native of Caracas. "But what we Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner Men's Hoodie

The project started in 2002, based on a book about El Cerrito by a Venezuelan architect interested in preservation.

"It's also the story about this couple, who these people were. There's a bit of love Nike Sweatshirt Boys

are telling is a love story."

Part of film festivals across the globe, including the International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal in 2009, El Cerrito named after the house at the centre of its story is a charming look at the extravagant lives of the Plancharts.

Nike Tracksuit Red

Produced by Western University film professors Juan Bello and Constanza Burucua, that's the backdrop to the documentary El Cerrito, which was screened at Museum London last week.

With interviews with Ana Luisa before her death in 2005, the Venezuelan woman's humour adds a personal touch to the film, which includes footage from the Planchart's vacations, correspondence with the brilliant Ponti, stock historical footage and gorgeous views of El Cerrito itself.

"We have several ideas on what we want to work on next," said Burucua. "For us it's a great opportunity. We live here now, we work here, we are based here, so being able to share our work with the community (is important). When you do films, you want people to watch."

Although under the fist of an oppressive dictator, Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, flourished in the 1950s as access to inexpensive gasoline and North American automobiles thrust the Latin American city into modernity.

Nike Tracksuit Red

Nike Tracksuit Red

story going on there, and there's the story of a friendship."

Nike Tracksuit Red

Nike Tracksuit Red

Nike Tracksuit Red

Planchart a wealthy couple whose friendship with Italian architect Gio Ponti would lead to one of the most prominent designs of the 20th century.

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Nike Tracksuit Red

Bello and Burucua moved to London in March 2010 after studying film in Europe and teaming up as filmmakers in Latin America. Along with their academic work, they are wrapping up their last documentary based in Latin America. Now that they call Canada home, their next project may feature their experiences moving to North America.

A peek into El Cerrito

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