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CWuestefeld 979 days ago link

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1) Transferring DNS is a bit of a pain indeed. Luckily GoDaddy lets you export the zone for each domain from their control panel. I would just send this to your new registrar and they can import the settings.

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Nike Tracksuit Set In Grey

Nike Tracksuit Set In Grey

I'm with you. I had been meaning to move my portfolio away from GoDaddy for a while. I started the process this morning and it still Nike Coat Red

As noted elsewhere, it's the hosting plans that they make their money from, and so that's what I'd aim to transfer. So I've got a two part question:1) How does one transfer all the DNS information, including the A and MX records (anything else I need?)? Is this all provider specific? Or can they just port in the existing data?2) When I'm ready, I'd want to set up a web site, and especially a mail server. Any recommendations? (I know this has been asked plenty in the past, but this seems a good time to make a list excluding Nike Tracksuit Set In Grey GoDaddy)

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I just transferred my 47 Nike Jacket Therma Fit

We did 10x the inbound xfer volume on the 22nd vs. the 21st. So far on the 23rd, we're at 80% of the volume we saw on the 22nd. :)

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Nike Tracksuit Set In Grey

isn't finalized.

domains out of GoDaddy. I like how simple and snappy their web site is. Well worth the $200+ and at least that renews them all for an extra year at the same time, so it's not like I wouldn't have spent it anyway (just not all at once).

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EDIT: I updated the blog to include these instructions. Thanks.

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Nike Tracksuit Set In Grey

I just transferred 17 myself. I'd been meaning to for a while and, as you said, this was just kind of the final straw. I moved them to NameCheap, where I ready had another 32 domains registered.

jeffepp 979 days ago link

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A Step By Step Guide to Transfer Domains Out Of GoDaddy

kellishaver 978 days ago link

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Knowing that I would need to pay to renew them anyway made it slightly less painful. It's tough to cough up $300+ at once, but SOPA is a horrible idea and GoDaddy apparently has no clue who their customers are. I'd be very curious to see some stats on how many transfers happened because of this effort.

love to see that stat. I guess competitors could post about spikes, giving us a sense based on their numbers.

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